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Orange Zenbox

Posted by wkt54-196372 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by ChristopherL-188542 - 8 years ago

I still cannot follow your math but never mind
FT and Orange are quite different contractual and billing entities as you are now finding out. You can cancel FT altogether but then you need to get Orange to build you a line degroupage offer in order for it to work. That would mean paying Orange even more money but probably less than the 16 you are paying FT. Did you have a specific question about the service?

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Posted by wkt54-196372 - 8 years ago

Thanks for the replies.

In November when I took the Zenbox package, it was 31€ per month, so I thought I was saving 9€,

as I was paying 40.

The ad said Internet + Television + Telephone.

I received the Zenbox in the mail, but have not used it for television as I need another satellite dish for French TV.

I wasn't interested in the television, I just thought I was saving 9€ a month.

I didn't know until Monday that FT were still charging me 16€, as well as the 31.

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Posted by ChristopherL-188542 - 8 years ago

But it is exactly the same ....Errrrm - how is €37 you are now paying exactly the same as €26 + €16 that you were paying ?
Never mind - the going price (everything included) for Internet + telephone is €29.99, TV is a movable feast - could be €0 could be €100 - depends on how you define it. Defined by Orange free-to-view standards - the basic package is probably worth about €2
So add the €2 to the €29.99 and you get about €32 as the going rate for Internet + telephone + some kind of basic TV package. Which is about €5 less than what Orange charge you now. Which is exactly what Orange do - they position themselves at approx. €5 more than the competition.
Why? Because they are Orange.

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Posted by Azur Models1-312367 - 8 years ago

Phone bill and phone line are different things.

With the old formula it was probably included, this one, no.

Always read the contract, even the fine print.