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Posted by Compaq-198582 - Created: 13 years ago
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I have moved into a new apartment and today someone parked their car over the entrance of the apartment, meaning I could not get my car out and people had difficulty in walking past. After one hour of beeping the horn and trying to find out who owns the car, I lost my temper and on trying to bend the windscreen wipers (I have had it done to me before) I actually snapped it off. At that point the owner walked very casually over to move his car and was very arrogant, as if we were in the wrong for getting him out of bed at nine thirty in the morning! He realised what I had done to his wiper and was not very pleased. ( I did own up) I missed my flight due to him parking there, my partner missed an appoinment with the bank manager. He blocked the exit so if there was a fire or medical emergency it would have been impossible to get a vehicle near the entrance of the building. Do you think I should pay for the broken wiper or do you think he was in the wrong for parking in an entrance and not leaving his address to contact him?

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Posted by simonwynne - 13 years ago


You have a right to call the police here if a car is blocking an entrance to a building or car park they get it towed away.....there is actually a law not to mention the axe rouge......the indication on the red circle that should on the car entrance door...note the police here are begining to something about parking rage here....

Simon Templer

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Posted by Hello_nice - 13 years ago

I guess the person is a neighbour and you will have to see him everyday for the next few years as you have bought.  Also what was his reaction to the fact that the wiper was broken.  It is has been raining here for the last 2 days.

Looking at the big picture; moving house again is much more expensive then a wiper; also the nighbour did wrong.  Dialog will be key ensuring a functional relationship in the coming years.

Offer to pay some of the cost of the wiper and clearly explain that you missed a flight.