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Parking Fine

Posted by Pumuckel - Created: 13 years ago
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I received a letter from the Tresorerie today: a parking fine ("une amende forfaitaire majoree") for parking my car in Bvd. de la Republique in Cannes in July 2003 without paying the parking fee ("non-acquittement de redevance-station").  Thing is, I do remember parking my car there (‘coz that was the only time ever I visited a shop right on La Republique, where it is normally difficult to find parking!). I also remember having paid the meter (I actually went into the shop where I wanted to do my shopping and got change from the shop owner to feed the meter). Now, over a year later I receive a parking fine, and on top of it "majoree" (sorry, don't have the French accents on my keyboard!). Apparently, I haven’t paid the original fine. Surely, there should have been a fine attached to my windscreen at the time, but that was not the case!

Does anyone know, what I can do to contest this fine and what my chances of success are? I mean without incurring more cost than the actual “amende majoree”. I can’t proof that I paid the parking fee, after all it is a bit late… a year later… as I am not in the habit of keeping my parking tickets - they usually land in the bin every time I clean my car…



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Posted by nymphnode-207041 - 9 years ago


So am I to gather from all the discussion in this thread and other threads in the forum is that you can't really appeal parking fines, just pay it?

I just got a e35 fine for parking my motorbike on the sidewalk. Of course, I parked in the same place I have the past month every day, next to a tree (so on the edge), on a sidewalk that is wide enough for two cars to drive on -- and where a dozen of other motorbikes are usually parked. There are no signs that say no parking for motorbikes (as there are on the other narrower sidewalk parts of the university campus block). I started parking there cos of all the bikes that park there and still park there. There's no designated motorbike parking on campus anywhere else, except this place where every bike seems to park. I don't get it. Frustrated.

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Posted by TerryT-188383 - 13 years ago

Have you thought about turning up in person?

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 13 years ago

The parking fines are "forfaitaire" so it is real easy to find out the basic fine - just ask the police - it is usually pre-printed on the tickets.

Then if you send that amount in timbre fiscal with covering letter within your 30 period, they cannot legally begin any "poursuites".  You'll probably find that they send you a curt confirmation saying that they have "exceptionellement" accepted your payment.

Maybe this is more hassle for you than it is worth but in my case I had 10 or more fines that arrived 1 year later and the difference between the base fine and the "majorée" was about 50 Euros each so it was well worth it.

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Posted by Pumuckel - 13 years ago

Legend, thanks for your advice. I think I will pay the whole amount... I don't know what the original fine was/should be, as it is not stated on their letter (?!). They simply ask for payment to cover the "frais de justice" of the Tribunal de Police in Grasse who have covered this case and pronounced the decision. If I don't pay immediately I will risk "des poursuites sur vos bien, comptes, salaires et autres avoirs." It would probably take too long to find out what the original fine was (if there was one in the first place?!). I contacted the Tribunal in Grasse earlier this morning, and I should have received a reminder to pay the original fine they said... is La Poste to blame?! And I should make an official written request to obtain a copy of the original fine, however, this could take several weeks to receive. In the mean time I risk "des poursuites sur mes bien" - no thank you!  So, I guess I will do what you suggest, pay the court's costs and simply cut my loss :-(

A word of advice: Keep ALL your old parking tickets - just in case!!!

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 13 years ago

Hi Pumuckel - I would say your best bet is to try simply to cut your loss.  Argue convincingly for paying the base fine and not the amende majoree

Write quickly by registered letter, make a short and thorougly convincing argument that you remember having parked there and are certain not to have seen any ticket attached to the car, and by politely worded assuption that they will believe your good intentions, include a timbre fiscal for the original fine.  I think you'll find that they wave it through like that.  I've had a good number of positive experiences helping a wayward student son who ran up a dozen or more amende majoree on MY car. 

If (as he did) you try to argue but I DID pay the meter (I think) - then you'll get short shift and start receiving further frais de recouvrement and frais d'actes.   That is why I advise settling the base fine rapidly for least cost/hassle. 

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Posted by ifs-194624 - 13 years ago

I picked up a parking ticket, paid it and then some 7 months later had a letter stating that it hadn't been paid and a demand for 75 euros. I naturally had binned the receipt by then so just paid the 75.  I successfully argued exactly the same thing in London once when the City of Westminster sent me a second demand for an already paid fine on the anniversary of the original offence(!) but couldn't see how I could achieve this result in Nice.

I'm not sure you will win an argument over payment into a ticket machine, but good luck if you try!


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Posted by Pumuckel - 13 years ago

Ian, thanks for the accents - will make a note ;-)

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Posted by Pumuckel - 13 years ago

Meerkat, yes the letter is from the TRES. ALPES MARITIMES AMENDES. It says on the back I can contest the fine within 30 days but have to "justify" my (non-)payment. Surely, if I say I paid the meter but don't have the actual parking ticket anymore won't be acceptable, in which case the fine will go up even more, and I end up paying a ridiculous amount for being ridiculously naive... I am wondering what the law says in this case: can the Services Municipaux just fine you (more than a year after the original incident!) without leaving you with an initial parking fine in the first place? Fixed on your windscreen I mean? Because this would mean one has to keep all their parking tickets for one year (at least!) to make sure that you have proof of payment, should the Services Municipaux decide to fine you at a later stage... surely this is not right? Or is it?

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Posted by meerkat-189541 - 13 years ago

Hallo Pumuckel,

are you sure the letter is really from the Trésorerie? I would expect information in this letter what to do if you want to contest the fine.

good luck

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Posted by ian81-188951 - 13 years ago


Cant help with the parking problem but to get the accents use the ALT Gr plus !, ?, and a number of other keys to produce characters not normally available. The accents are intuitive for example.

' + e = é
` + e = è
~ + n = ñ^ + e = ê
" + e = ë
' + c = çé