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pay as you go with data anyone know best

Posted by nicimolly - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Depanordique - 7 years ago

In that case you should get Virgin Mobile Pre-paid "Very Much".
For 20€ you'll get 2h or 2000 SMS or 200mb + 100mb offered, valid for 1 month.
For 30€ you'll get 3h or 3000 SMS or 300mb + 200mb offered, valid for 1,5 month.
For 50€ you'll get 5h or 5000 SMS or 500mb + 500mb offered, valid for 2 months.
Any talk time (so not the data offered) not used will be carried over with the new validity when you top-up.

Notice that VoIP (Skype etc.), peer-to-peer and newsgroups are not allowed.


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Posted by nicimolly - 7 years ago

hi thanks for the replyI am unable to go on any contract as do not have an address in france, so has to be pre pay for the moment.I dont make a huge amount of calls or texts and dont need a hugh amount of data if i could get like 500mb a month would be great but even any amount that will allow me leave data on and do a few emails and use the iphones imessage service without killing my credit.

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Posted by Depanordique - 7 years ago

While such does exist, it can get very expensive very quickly. You might want to consider one of the new budget brands instead (Free, B&You, Sosh etc.). There you'll get unlimited (or near enough) voice, text and data for ~20€/month.
There are various other options as well of course, both cheaper and more expensive. Give me some more details on what your needs are (approx. minutes, texts and data) and can tell you what would be best for you.