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Payment Protection on Mortgage

Posted by snow_leopard - Created: 14 years ago
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Wonder if anyone can help...

I have just discovered that I may be made redundant in June.  I need to find out if my mortgage with Credit Agricole has a payment protection plan incorporated - I don't know if this is something that is included automatically with French mortgages or if you have to request it specifically at the time of taking out the mortgage.  I'm having a look through the paperwork but my French isn't fantastic so it would be handy to know what wording I should be looking out for!

Many thanks,


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Posted by me_2003 - 14 years ago

Normally when you get a mortage you have to get a mandatory isurance to cover medical problems that you might have.

Some people buy unemployment insurance and in my case I was told by Credit Agricole not to take it as the french social state unemployment benefit is so good.

In my case I think I will can get between 65%-80% of my salary on the dole for a period of 30 months...almost worth being made redundant for...

...2 year paid vacation on the cote d'ázur to get my taxes back...

good luck.