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Permanent Residence Permit

Posted by m&J-199996 - 3 months ago
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We have been resident in France for 13 years. We pay our taxes here and have a Card Vitale etc., but we have never been issued with a Permanent Residence Certificate. We heard recently that having this certificate will ensure our status after Brexit. Can any one advise if we need the certificate and, if so how do we obtain one.

Many thanks

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Posted by Rick-873865 - 1 month ago

No, you don't need one, but due to uncertainty, some Brits are applying. As you have been here for 13 years, and as you have paid any necessary taxes, nobody is going to throw you out. It is likely that after Brexit, Brits will need some sort of residence permit, but governments have already agreed that those here legally will be allowed to stay, and that the application process will be streamlined for us (ie more straighforward than applying for a Carte Vitale under the current system).

My own view is that many Brits living in Europe are panicking unnecessarily. If you already have a job or a business, then you are contributing to the French economy and will be welcome post Brexit. As for retirees, it amazes me that many "inactifs" are panicking. Almost every country in the World welcomes retired tax payers, as they bring money, but don't take jobs from the locals. Look closely at immigration rules the world over, and they are about protecting local jobs, and stopping welfare tourism, not stopping people bringing their pensions in!

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Posted by salamanca-210606 - 3 months ago

I think that was a harsh reply from Sylvia-Romo. M&J posted a polite message looking for advice so that they can be prepared for Brexit when they won't be EU citizens.  What's wrong with that? 

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Posted by chèvrefeuille - 3 months ago

You can apply apply for a Carte de Sejour Permanent EU after 10 years residency. It has been suggested that after Brexit holders will be able to exchange their CdS for whatever is required then. If you have 13 years of tax returns you will have no difficulty confirming yourvright to residency now or later. 

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Posted by Sylvia-Romo - 3 months ago

These are for non EU citizens. If you are from the UK, you are EU citizens.. Do not bog down the government with your useless demand.