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personal rental cars available?

Posted by k UMGELTER - Created: 13 years ago
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I am planning my move back to the US... and expect that I might need a rental car for hte last part of my stay here. 


Does anyone have an old extra car around that they would rent to me for like a month or so.  I am very responsable and not a problem person.  I think (I know) that selling a car in Dec/Jan with the holidays, tax season and all the rest is not a great time to try and sell a car.. I would like to maybe sell it in November which means I would need some sort of transport to and from work.. and the rental cars are like 3x more expensive than my rent!..

If anyone has any ideas on this one or has an extra car that they would be willing to loan out in Dec/Jan.. I would be interested.. I am open to any suggestions.




K Umgelter

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Posted by Rocher-197160 - 13 years ago

What sort of car are you selling ? Perhaps you could do a deal with the buyer that you keep it for an extra month or so after the sale in exchange for a good sale price.

I could be interested depending on the car and budget.

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Posted by lisdenice-187116 - 13 years ago

Hi Krista,

If you're interested driving a cute SMART, try contacting MAURIN location , they have a cheap arrangement for month long rental, though they don't speak English, they're very charming people to talk to. here's their n° 0493 051 091