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Plan de Division - Who Pays??

Posted by snow_leopard - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by snow_leopard - 16 years ago

Following on from my message above about the Plan de Division - can anybody recommend somebody through whom we could seek some professional advice about this?

We do not want to pay the bill until we know exactly where we stand as we are sure that the vendor should have paid to have the access and division boundary put in (surely by law, he had to put access in anyway?)

We have backed down over many other things and are not prepared to let this one go as well....

Many thanks


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Posted by snow_leopard - 16 years ago

Thanks St George

I haven't seen the Plan Cadastre yet - I believe that I need to collect this from Draguignan... all that was marked out by the land surveyor with a couple of bornes was the new division boundary between the two houses and a shared access route. No bornes were actually placed anywhere else around the land to show our boundaries and what we received for this (and are supposed to be paying for) was a 'Plan de Division'. How on earth a couple of markers placed equidistant in a straight line between 2 houses can possibly equate to 1600 euros is beyond me! I asked the notaire who dealt with the transaction for us and his reaction: hands in the air and 'it's not my problem, the estate agent sorted all that out'.

Yes I agree, it sounds like we have been well and truly ripped off!

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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 16 years ago

It depends if the ' plan cadastre ' was done before you signed the 'compromis de vente ' .If the property was advertised with the cadastral bounderies already marked out and deposed at the local Mairie , you shouldn't have to pay anything , even if bornes were put in .Sounds like rip-off time again ! You should contact your Notaire for advice - that's what he's there for !

I've said it before and I'll say it again - no Estate Agent should ever be considered to be your friend and I would vehemently contest any additional facturation which may come your way unexpectedly via some possible ' arrangement' made between the vendor and the Agent who sold his properties.