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Posted by palmerbarbara2001 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

 I hope you'll have better luck than I did a few years ago when my gas water heater packed up in Spain.


It was clear that the fault was in the machine itself,  so I asked the porter to call the technicians (which he did, mañana),  they came and inspected it (two days later), said it was OK, and that the fault was in the gas line,  and the pressure was too low.  So the gas men came ( three days later),  and said the gas was fine,  and the problem was low water pressure.  So the water people came (after another two days), tested the water pressure,  diagnosed it as correct,  and left a note saying that the heater was faulty.  The heater people were called five times and didn't come.  So,  15 days later,  still no hot water.  Unfortunately for them, I found the name and home number of one of the people in charge,  and left a message at their office saying that if it was not fixed within 24 hours I would have no compunction in phoning this man at home at three o'clock every morning until I get service.  <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


This produced a result.  A 'technician' (a labourer by any other name) came and replaced a small part.  It took him ten minutes.  Then the heater worked.  It was still working a week later when the bills came in.  There was a bill from the gas company,  one from the water company,  and one from the heater company.  I sent the heater company's bill to the gas company,  the gas company's bill to the water company,  and the water company's bill to the heater people.  I never paid a penny!

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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 16 years ago

My 40 year old Saunier - Duval which heats the water and provides central heating , gets serviced by the engineers at Electro Gaz service in Nice , once a year for Insurance purposes and to make sure there's no carbon monoxide leaks . They advise me to attempt to hang onto this piece of equipment as being not only robust and efficient , still has spare parts available ! If you ask the EDF/GDF for a free inspection and follow through on their recommendations ( ventilator in the kitchen window , exhaust gas outlet not blocked by birds nest etc ) which may not apply to your installation anyway , you get 35 Euros knocked off your next bill !

I have only ever had to replace the radiator (£180) and a couple of solenoid valves in 18 years . Annual service and cleaning , without any repairs come to about £60 - well worth it for the peace of mind in having hot water , heating , no lethal gas emanantions , and full insurance !


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Posted by gerardin01 - 16 years ago

Didn't mension that the reason my servicing company gave me this advise was that - they don,t really fix problems but will replace my heater with a new one. I opted for the cheaper solution since our heater is only two years old and only needed a small part replaced.

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Posted by gerardin01 - 16 years ago

My electric water heater recently had a leak and after contacting my service company were advise by them that I should rather contact a plumber which I then did...problem fixed. After that I had an electrical problem(with the water heater) and was advise again to contact an electricien. My advise, save yourself some  time and find a plumber.

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Posted by jjmiller - 16 years ago

I just had my Electric water heater die, we had a guy round and put a new one in the day of! Of course it wasen't cheap, but considering it's been in there for almost a decade.

Only one problem he only works a certain area. Which is probably just the Var. But send me an email, and let me know where you are I can dig up his number and you can ask him.


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Posted by szozu - 16 years ago

Gas water heaters are supposed to be serviced every year. There are plenty of companies that do "depannage et entretien." Have a look in the yellow pages under "chauffage" and be sure to have the brand name of the heater handy when you call.