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please please someone help

Posted by kikimiki - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by kikimiki - 16 years ago

thanks alot guys you are really great help kikikiki

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Posted by mike-179830 - 16 years ago

quote:will pay taxes straight away in france to the ursaff

Not necessarily. Since 1 January 2004 you have had the option to defer the payment of social charges due during the first year, paying them off at 20% per year over years 2-6.

quote:the worst that can happen is you have to cease trading

Actually, the worst that can happen is that you are bankrupted, as you have unlimited liability...


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Posted by Blaster Bates - 16 years ago

go for it .I tok the plunge about 2 years ago and set up a small property maintenance firm. It is what the French call a micro entrerprise which is the easiest and the least bureaucratic of all. Thz accounts arevery simple to keep ane you don't get involved with VAT. Go and see the local "chambre de metiers" for further information,don't worry they are very helpful. 

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Posted by andy mac-194149 - 16 years ago

kiki im the enerprise indevidal as you put it.

listen stop panicking...in basic terms ..if you become a sole trader ..work for yourself..and you are a registerd sole trader in france you will pay taxes straight away in france to the ursaff..some kind of old age pension scheme and a few other taxes but they are a set monthly fee ( around €250 per month ) if you make money or not ..hey thats buisness..the second year you will pay more taxes and the third year even more..ok you got that.these are set fees if you make €3000 or €10000 per month at the end of the year you make your own tax declaration on your turnover the "impots" will deduct 28% of your profits to cover phone bills electric petrol etc ... on the amount of money that is left you pay your "impot sur le revenue" just like everyone else i think that at the moment it is 5.5% of the toyal amount left after the 28% is taken out...now heres the good bit once you open as a sole trader you can open and close your buissness or "let it sleep"at that time you stop paying the monthly taxes untill you start trading again..only hassle you have to officialy close the buisness and then re register it each time at a cost of about €60 its really quite simple you just have to belive in your product and make it work..if you do go for it! the worst that can happen is you have to cease trading and pay a few bills off.. hope that helps if you need any more answers let me know.andy