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Pool Expert

Posted by Emmie-198070 - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by rupes67-190336 - 13 years ago

EmmieI can recommend a great English firm who work only in this area called Bluesky Renovations DetailsWayne BrownGerant SARL Bluesky Renovations 12 Domaine Pre D'Ardoine 515 Ancien Chemin De Cabris St-Cezaire Sur Siagne France 06530 wayne.brown@wanadoo.frwww.blueskyrenovations.com +33 492 604619 +33 675 597712Say that you were recommended by Rupert Scott and if thjey can't deal with it them selves they will advise as to who can.With regards to pool fencing etc after seven months of testing we have finally had our fencing product fully approved by AFNOR's recommended laboratory LNE and we will be launching at Piscine Expo 2004 in November.We are sourcing the product in America where it has been used for over 18 years with great success. It is an almost transparent (at least 40% more so than a lot of the other similar products that are on the market) removable mesh fence that can be installed with a little knowledge of DIY and an ability to follow an instruction manual. It has the only patented self-closing, self-locking gate in the USA that does not rely on the use of a top rail meaning that it is almost impossible to climb, as is the fence. I have 3 children 3, 7 and 9 and a self closing and latching gate, rather than a removable access, was imperative for me, as with age disparity, the older children who can swim will not have to remember to close the gate or replace the access panel in order to protect the younger ones.The pricing of this product means that it will retail at about € 3,000 euros including the gate and taxes for a 35 to 40 meter run. It is available in a variety of colours. You will never have a call from a tenant about alarms that go off when they shouldn’t or not going off when they should.Finally, and I know I am biased, but I am also a parent this is by far the best looking product that I have seen on the market since I went into this business and it is by far the safest. The AFNOR standards have been set at the high level that they have for a very good reason - to stop children drowning in swimming pools - so please whatever method you choose to use make sure that you ask for a copy of the certificate of testing as there are a huge number of companies selling products with an official looking logo that says conforms to the norm NF P 90-306. When I have telephoned these companies, and I have done so to all of them, there reply has been " sorry we can't send you a certificate, but we think it conforms" I have since also examined these products and having been through the testing procedure know there is not a chance they would pass.The legislation and fitting requirements are a minefield so please, before you fit anything, make sure you are getting correct advice. An accident or a 45,000 € fine are just not worth it.Please contact me if you need any advice - there is no obligation - as I am only selling this product to DIY stores and approved dealers who undertake installation training programmes.rupert.scott@encloture.com or 06 77 16 86 51Rupes