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Pop-up adverts

Posted by Steve R-187639 - Created: 14 years ago
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I'm sure this has been discussed before but I'm too lazy to look through all the old threads...

I'm constantly getting pop-up adverts (the little grey boxes that generally tell me that my computer is open to attack and I should buy such and such a product to stop them) and don't know how to stop them.

I don't feel as though I should pay to stop this service and have tried a couple of free-to-download programs which, though killing the odd one, don't stop the majority.

Anyone know of a decent free program which can stop them?

I've had two come in whilst writing this message.

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Posted by Old Brit - 14 years ago

I often feel glad that I paid the £10 extra for an Apple Mac system!Absolutely NO viruses and "Pop-Up zapper lite" stops 99.9% of all pop-ups.:-)

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Posted by angel-187474 - 14 years ago

Re the particular little grey boxes warning that your system is open to attack etc .... I'd be surprised if any of the pop-up stoppers will work on these little blighters - none of them did for us.

We finally figured out how they happen recently ... they randomly seek open network connections between your network and Microsoft.  This open door to your computer can easily be closed in the settings.

Mine's in French so I'll list the very quick and easy steps to close the door on these particular pop-ups in French (as I've forgotten what the English version looks like):

From the Start Menu  choose the following:

Parmètres  >>  Connexions réseau (network connections)  >>  Click the Gestion de réseau tab  >>  uncheck  "Client pour les reseaux Microsoft".  OK.


xx. A

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Posted by OK-186520 - 14 years ago

No, the Google Toolbar does not contain spyware, unlike many of the other free toolbars available.

It is not flagged by Adwatch or Spybot as far as I am aware.

Happy surfing.

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Posted by Old Brit - 14 years ago

I thought the google toolbar contained "spyware"?

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Posted by mike-179830 - 14 years ago

Although I use (and love) the Google toolbar I actually have the pop-up blocker turned off. I actually prefer the one that comes with the Alexa toolbar; I find it somewhat more intuitive (which could well just mean I'd already worked out how it operated by the time Google's came out, of course...).**************

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Posted by Paul Carmel-190537 - 14 years ago

If you download the google toolbar you get a pop up blocker, thus far works about 85% of the time its free and takes about 2 mins to download and install


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Posted by OK-186520 - 14 years ago

also suggest that you get either 'adaware' or 'spybot search and destroy' to clean your system of spyware, which among other nasty things will slow your connection and possibly cause pop ups even when you are not online!

Both the above apps are highly rated and endorsed and dont load any further nasties on your system.

Both are free. With adaware you can purchase a Pro version which will run as constant protection in the same manner as anti virus software.

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Posted by OK-186520 - 14 years ago

free surfer is also good. allows you to list web sites where you DO want pop ups enabled, as well as providing a button in IE to enable you to 'surf' to a pop up that it just killed - handy when viewing unfamiliar sites so you dont lose useful info

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Posted by alexhampshire-186967 - 14 years ago

The Google Toolbar also stops pop ups as well as other very useful features.Alex

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Posted by jaaaine - 14 years ago

if you want to try another free one (very good) try POW  by analogX