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Portable air conditioners any comments?

Posted by Oceanpro - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by Oceanpro - 15 years ago

Thanks to all who have commented much appreciated! I'll post our results when we've gone shopping........www.oceanpro.co.uk
The South of France RYA Sea School

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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 15 years ago

It was a Technibel - the exact model I forget , but they go on ' suitable for an apartment or room of such and such size' - do not buy one that fits your apartment size - get at least 30% extra capacity otherwise the compressor is running at full blast trying to pull the temp. down and will wear out quicker . Make sure the wall socket can take the power as well ( approx 3.5 - 5 KW)

There will be new models coming in soon anyway. I paid about 1300 Euros H.T.

I'll send the details of the shop separately by e-mail.


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Posted by leslie-179832 - 15 years ago


Can you tell me what model/brand etc..you bought and where and how much it was? Our bedroom has a whole cut out already for one as the previous owners had one. ( I stupidly thought that when I bought the place, the AC came with it! Much to my surprise tofind it gone when we moved in.



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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 15 years ago

I purchased a split unit last summer . 65 Sq.Metres chilling capacity for a 43 Sq. metre apartment . It is absolutely brilliant. No noise ( the fan unit is outside ) and even in the mid summer temps. down on the Port of Nice , it kept the whole apartment at about 20° C. It has wheels as well - the only disadvantage is having to cut a slot in the window or door frame if you want to keep the unit running without a small gap .stgeorge

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Posted by CaroW-190284 - 15 years ago

What you must take into consideration is how much noise they make.  I bought one 5 years ago, and whilst it is very efficient, it makes a dreadful racket.  We call it our "Boeing"!  I sleep with ear plus in when it is on.  They do make quieter ones now.  If you go to Castorama's web site they offer quite a lot of info into the various pros and cons (in French).  There are mainly two types.  One which has a big tube going out of window (cut a hole first then you can shut the window), or the other type with long hose and fan part  outside.

Good luck!

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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 15 years ago

A couple of our friends have one.  They are a bit bulky and rather noisy, so you might get fed up with the noise if you had to live with it all day. On the other hand you might find the hum masks the scooter noises from outside.

You can also get portable split units where you put the condensor unit outside, and the connecting hose is smaller.  You cant separate the units to pass the hose through a small hole though, you have to close a terrace door or window on it.  They are a bit quieter but a permanent installation looks a better bet unless it is rented accomodation


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Posted by milleras - 15 years ago

I would never buy a system with condesor is build in unit and has just a large hose they never get that cold, delonghi make them also.


Hope this helps

Tony Miller

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Posted by Daisyflower - 15 years ago

I brought one last summer and it saved my life.  Yes the hose has to have outside access and the thing turned off when the water filter filled up.  But the utter joy of going into a coolish bedroom – it never got chillie – made getting to sleep easier than tossing and turning in a sweaty heap that was my previous summer nightly ritual.  So I can thoroughly recommend the investment.  Can’t remember the name of the one I got, but it was a fairly average machine, a little bulky but the water was great for the plants because it was purified or something!