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Posted by Nice2004 - Created: 13 years ago
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Hello, wonder if anyone can help?

We bought an apartment in Nice over the summer. We filled out various forms with the syndic to get the interphone and letter box names changed. When we last went to visit the apartment they still weren't changed so we stuck our own name sticker on the letter box but not on the intercom. Now my parents have visited the apartment and the names still haven't been changed! I had been expecting a couple of letters and even posted myself one to check that all was working well and none of them have arrived!!

I'm worried now - how does it work with the postman in France? Will he not deliver a letter if there is no corresponding name on the intercom? Or if the sticker on the mail box isn't of the 'official type' or could it just be a co-incidence that none of our mail arrived?

I have been on to the syndic to chase up our name plaques, but in the meantime any advice gratefully received! Thanks!

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Posted by Miss Varna - 13 years ago

When I moved in with my former boyfriend (now husband) I simply put a sticker with my name on his mailbox and my mail arrived ever since. Next time you're in Nice, talk to your postman and ask why no mail arrives.