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Problem with a real estate agency

Posted by maxdido - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by yjme-181229 - 13 years ago

PS    As Matthew mentioned, a lot of agencies and landlords understand completely about deposits being hard to get together and very often if you ask that they cash a cheque a month or two later they will oblige. I have done this on nearly every place I have rented in the last fifteen years. The French are in just as much difficulty themselves, but if you don't ask they won't automatically offer to 'decaler' payments.

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Posted by yjme-181229 - 13 years ago


Before you start anything legal or whatever, just check what you were charged for which seems a logical first step. Did you pay for water separately? Did you pay for rubbish bin collection (ordures ménagères). If you have been there four years and you didn't pay these, then my bet is that this is what they have deducted. Water and rubbish are not included in your rent and normally come via the agent though I'm surprised they didn't bill you as they came in each year.  If not, call someone as suggested above.


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Posted by MPlb-182376 - 13 years ago

Hey MaxSorry to hear about your deposit problems. I recently had a similar experience in a different area (Dept 01) of France.I paid €3000 deposit and gave the required 3 months notice to move into a new house. The agent and landlord actually told me they'd never seen an apartment left in such good condition and I would get my deposit back.Six weeks later I get a cheque for just over €900 and a list of 'hidden' charges such as waste disposal. I'd presumed these were covered in the tax d'habitation but I was wrong. I looked into this rip-off and took some local advice and was told it was normal practice.To be honest, I couldn't be bothered to argue about as it would have just annoyed me. I know it's bad but after almost three years of being ripped off in France I've just learnt to live with.Take a close look in your old contract for clauses with relate to 'Frais' and get them sorted out before you move in to a new place.Luckily my new landlord understands and have given me more time to get the deposit together.Matthew

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Posted by Remi-193758 - 13 years ago

Hi Max,


Why don't u contact the ADIL (Non profit Org.): http://www.adil06.org

NICE : 32, rue Michel Ange 06100