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Problem with the sea? People getting sick?

Posted by urfworm - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by J366 - 7 years ago

What a strange and rather aggressive reply Olivier06480...
"Urfworm" I too heard these reports but if it helps I've been to several beaches a lot lately with my three kids and happy to report that after much swimming in the sea by all of us there was no sickness :)

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Posted by Olivier06480 - 7 years ago

Last year there was an attempt with the "rumour" that they saw a shark near Antibes. (I mean in the sea, not the thousands of sharks walking down the streets)The year before, jellyfish "invasion" (Really ?. Where exactly, didn't seem more than usual)
This year the sewage plant
I've heard that, no smoke without fire, someone was told by someone who knows the brother of the cousin of the neighbour of the guy who heard it, blah blah blah....
Forget it !
I can't wait to see what will be next year's story ...
Oh no ! We will all be dead because the world ends in December. I don't care, I still have 10 years to go on my mortgage, so it will be all benefit for me :-)
Off to the beach, now. If you don't read any more from me, than, after all, maybe my cousin's brother's neighbour's nephew was right...

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Posted by Pinman - 7 years ago

It has been reported that the treatment plant of Saint Laurent du Var is responsible for the E-Coli bacteria found in the waters bordering Landsberg and Cousteau. Both beaches were closed for two days from 10th July.

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Posted by urfworm - 7 years ago

I have no idea whether it was a water or raw sewege treatment problem - But I did hear the hospitals had a couple of hundred extra visitors due to whatever the problem was.
Rumours? Maybe. But there is normally no smoke without fire.
I'm just worried about taking my boy to the beach.

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Posted by Earthling-217786 - 7 years ago

water treatment plant

Does this in fact refer to a raw sewage treatment plant in the locality?

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Posted by selkie-187145 - 7 years ago

There was an incident with the water treatment plant near cap 3000 which closed some the beaches of st laurent du var for a few days. The beaches were re-opened when the test results were clear. Results will be on view at the mairie and usually somewhere near the beaches

However things were amplified and rumours added  and spread by social media