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Problems with Internet Service Provider. Help!

Posted by jkam - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Humptydingo-180377 - 16 years ago

Sorry that should read 'Are NOW charging me..."

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Posted by Humptydingo-180377 - 16 years ago

I pay my ISP by cheque each month.  My ISP keeps trying to persuade me to pay by direct debit but since I have heard a few similar stories to yours about my ISP I will not even consider direct debit.  I am not eligible at my address for ASDL but changed my hours from 48 to 72hrs some months ago for no extra monthly charge and received an e-mail confirming the change - but they haven't change my hours and are not charging me for extra time used beyond 48hrs.  I have just sent them a cheque for the standard fee and a copy of their confirmation e-mail and I am now awaiting a response - I wonder what will happen.........

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Posted by jkam - 16 years ago

Thank you legend for your advice. I'll do what you have said and I refuse to give up.

Many thanks again for your kind help.

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 16 years ago

Without involving a lawyer (and spending more money) here are the steps you should take;

Write a standard format letter to the ISP (Service Clients) called a "mise en demeure" stipulating that they are at fault for erroneous billing, that they owe you €200 plus €x incidental costs and that this has been reported to them 9 times in writing already (mention the dates of those letters and faxes).  Don't go into other lengthy details as a m-e-d should be short and snappy. In your m-e-d letter, stipulate an exact date for them to rectify the situation and an exact manner - e.g. credit my bank account with €200+x by 29 February. (this exact deadline/solution is the essence of a m-e-d) send the m-e-d as LRAR Arrange in advance with your bank to refuse ALL of their direct debits as of the day following the m-e-d deadline.

Check on the deadline whether you are fully reimbursed AND whether you have received a written confirmation from the ISP and if yes, then re-instate your direct debits.  If No, then send them a 2nd LRAR stating that they have failed to comply with your m-e-d of such and such date and that you will now take up the matter in the "tribunal de petit instance".  Do NOT cancel your account with them if you expect to follow through.   Otherwise, if you have had a gutsful, just cancel the account and write it off to experience.

Having had a stomach for legal recourse myself in the past, I can say that sometimes it is a lot less aggro to just chuck it all in.  As we say in French "un mauvais arrangement vaut mieux qu'un bon procès".  However, the point at which to make that decision is after the m-e-d and before petitioning the court.  At FNAC you should be able to buy a book or CD-ROM with standard form legal letters and consumer advice and your task of writing a snappy m-e-d is then greatly simplified.