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Problems with La Poste

Posted by MikeP-180526 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Mac10 - 11 years ago

I've got to admit, I never considered the poste from where I come to be 'special' or 'high quality' in any sense of the word. However, in 40 years, I'd never lost a single letter or parcel there. Everything gets through. I complain endlessly about 3-day service, or 2-day service - and sometimes fuss-off to FedEx for remedy. However, in view of La Poste, my old post office is remarkable and reliable. When I see a La Poste camion now, I just start laughing: 'he's the bloke who intercepts the gifts for his kids at the holidays'. I only use FedEx or e-mail now. La Poste continues to bring advertisements to my box each day - otherwise, they are not part of my world any longer.

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Posted by Blume-216527 - 11 years ago

A big thank you to Stephanie for posting the phone number. I haven't had any problems with letters or packages not arriving until very recently, and wasn't sure what to do about it.

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Posted by stephanieridley - 11 years ago

Hello LP sufferers,

There is now a notice up in our post office saying that for "reclamations" concerning the delivery of parcels & "courriers", a special number has been made available for clients to call. The number is 0800 15 14 13.

I think because La Poste have set up the hotline,  that there may be many problems. Bravo to LP for taking steps to deal with it.


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Posted by ameri-cannes - 11 years ago

Kizzy, I would strongly recommend you arm yourself with signatures from your poste's supervisor (or at least some representative) every time you attempt to collect your registered letter. As you pointed out, these letters are usually important, so having proof of your several attempts to collect it could only be to your benefit. Cover your tail just in case you're accused of ignoring the letter... (and dare I hope La Poste might consider 'slacking off' a bit less if we all made them admit their mistakes in writing???)

Best of luck!


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Posted by didanit - 11 years ago

We sent a 10kilo parcel from Malaysia to Nice in our holiday.

As we were still abroad when the parcel arrived,we got the paper of le poste in our postbox, we couldnt pick it up on time.When my husband went to le poste to pick it up,they told him its not there anymore.They sent him to another office,where it wasn't either and there they told him its at the first office where he just came from...until now nobody can tell us where our parcel is and what happened with it!

Anyone has an idea how to get our parcel back?


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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 11 years ago

I wasn't going to comment further on this as it seems futile, but here goes anyway :

I filled in the online form for which someone provided the link. It gives the opportunity to give details of a postal item which has been lost. Singular. So in 'address of receipient' and 'address of sender' I put 'plusieurs'.

I received a standard automated mindless response - hard copy - in the mail stating that enquiries were being made. I find it hard to believe that there has been, or will be, any human intervention in this, but then I'm a cynic. To me this is just a charade.

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Posted by kizzy-199129 - 11 years ago

I received a slip in my mail box last week for a recommande letter to be collected at the post office. I duly turned up to collect it but after half an hour they couldn't find it. They repeatedly asked 'who sent the letter/parcel' and 'do I know what it is' - if I had a crystal ball I'd have told them where to find the missing item in the first place! They took a copy of the slip and my phone number and said they'd call in a couple of days - I hadn't heard anything (surprise surprise) so went again yesterday. Again the woman couldn't find it so I explained that I'd visited previously and had been awaiting a call. She took another copy of the slip and made me write on it words to the effect of 'I came last week and was told by the chef de service that he'd call in a couple of days but I still haven't heard anything' and then I signed and dated it.

I suspect that I'll never hear anything again but my question is - what on earth do I do now, if anything? I have no idea what was sent to me or who by and the 'helpful' postie that tried to deliver the letter in the first place did not write the tracking number on the slip he left. Do I just have to wait and find out the hard way that I'm missing a potentially important letter/parcel? Given that whoever sent it used recommande mail I'm guessing that it's something fairly important.

Any ideas?

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 11 years ago

quote:MikeP, if you are writing a letter of complaint to La poste, maybe you should send it with an avis de reception...otherwise it may well get lost!

Excellent idea, and I would probably do so but the thought of the agony of standing in a queue at the post office puts me off.

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Posted by antoniap-190635 - 11 years ago

I received (in Antibes) a letter from my mum yesterday which she sent in Brighton on the 21st of May and which had been opened and re-sealed with tape which said "open by Australia post for customs"!!!

MikeP, if you are writing a letter of complaint to La poste, maybe you should send it with an avis de reception...otherwise it may well get lost!


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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 11 years ago

I spoke to our Postie this morning, making it clear that I am not blaming him, predictably he said that he delivers everything he gets for us, so no surprise there.

I've written to the Postmaster at our corresponding postcode La Poste, stating the facts and that I require an investigation and response, I'm not holding my breath but I suppose it's worth writing a letter ... perhaps.

The problem of course is that there is no proof of posting, it's no use saying for example : "my bank have sent me a statement every month for the last 'x' years so why in the last three months have two gone missing?"