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Property development

Posted by DaveH-180933 - Created: 14 years ago
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Can anyone advise on planning permission requirements requirements. We have a house which we live in, with another older three storey house on the grounds. We wish to develop this second property into livable accommodation, but have been told that the deeds refer to it as a barn, and that therefore development of it will not be possible. Seems crazy if this is the case, as the property has already been part developed and would be totally unsuitable for use as a barn.

Any help, ideas, approaches etc would be very welcome.




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Posted by apu - 14 years ago

dave, do not know much about this kind to stuff...but can give the following info...

go to the "cadastre" and/or "service de urbanime" of the marie where you live...the folk in antibes are very helpful and explain a lot....you might have already done this

also knowing the vulture culture of the riviera porperty business...watch out for various hawks...that will try to bleed cash from you for worthless advice...

i have just bought a flat and the best tip is do not pay anything until you are sure...also do not take NO for an answer........if you think something is not right, until someone gives you a signed piece of paper saying it is not right, then they are trying to get of doing their job....

also if you do not get clear answers on the phone, it is best to start getting a friend to write faxes in french...i always get a better response...

i am managed to get my notaire to get the seller to re-certify various things about my new flat...

good luck