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Psion Series 5 - do you have one?

Posted by twoknees - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by fugly-185614 - 16 years ago

cheers admin

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Posted by Admin-179828 - 16 years ago

fugly: because the third-party software (AvantGo or Mazingo) hasn't been ported to that platform.

If your Psion (or any other PDA/pocket computer) has a direct Internet connection - either "wired" or via your cellular telephone, say - then you can surf the "pocket" version of the sites directly at http://pocket.angloinfo.com/, while Internet-enabled (WAP) telephones can visit http://wap.angloinfo.com/ directly.

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Posted by fugly-185614 - 16 years ago

I have a psion but not a series 5.

This may be a stupid question but why is it that you can not sync the AI web site on the psion pda's?

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Posted by twoknees - 16 years ago

For anyone interested, I now have the solution which I found on the Epansys.com site forum (with thanks to Mahesh):

Press [Esc] to switch on and tap the Orange "System" icon to make sure you are in the main screen.

[Ctrl-L] to open the Link dialog box
[C] to select Cable
[Down arrow] to move to the baud rate
[5] to select 57600
[Enter] to close the dialog box and enable the Link

Use 57600 as the speed as pressing [1] could set either 19200 or 115200.

You also have to remember to set the connection speed to 57600 in PsiWin on the PC as well - otherwise it may have been left set at 'maximum attainable' from a previous session and the link will not work.

Hope this helps someone in the future...