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Q about Sattelite TV - not British channels ;-)

Posted by Miss Varna - Created: 13 years ago
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Since we are soon moving into a place where we can install a sat dish, I went to local stores (Darty, Castorama, Carrefour) to get some information. Everybody told me that I cannot simply buy a sat kit (dish + receiver) and then receive European channels (particularly interested in German channels), but that I have to sign up with TPS or Canal satellite.

Is this true or do they just want to sell?

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Posted by Miss Varna - 13 years ago

Thanks for your reply - this is what I thought how it works (it does work thatway in all other European countries), but the sales staff in all the shops told me that no, this would not work, it would all be encrypted, I would definitely need to subscribe to TPS or CS. Then why do they sell sat kits, eh? ;-)  

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Posted by harpo-187362 - 13 years ago

Miss Varna,

I picked up a second hand dish and receiver with no subscription to pick up channels from the Astra satellites.  Check out http://www.ses-astra.com/ to see what you can receive, they list those channels which are free and those which need a subscription.

I must admit that I've since changed to TPS but only because the kids wanted the football channels!!