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Recommend a bank??

Posted by dublinmike-182617 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by citron-196969 - 15 years ago

I just know that you shouldn't decide to Societe Generale. I've made really bad experience with that bank, nothing really worked out.....:-)

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Posted by scopin4u - 15 years ago

Right!!! I understand about the private banking over there.  I found that out the hard way - going bank to bank trying to open an account!  BUT....Ms. Baldacchino didn't have to open my account either, as this branch was in the same position as the others. But it wasn't a retail.  I was able to open just a regular account like a local person. BUT as I mentioned, I also had Commerzbank, which is the same bank as them...just a German partner. So she hooked me up.  So I don't know if that was it or not.  But the other banks that I went to...INCLUDING another Credit Lyonnais, wouldn't deal with me at all. As you said...they're looking for HIGH NET WORTH people and businesses....not commoners.  That's where I was really disappointed in the place. It was only due to my determination and persistence that I found this place. Otherwise, I probably would have given up. In fact, that was my last stop, because it was getting late, I just caught them before they closed for the evening, she was in an alright mood, and she was vERY helpful to me.  So, I have no complaints. She's been real cool about doing my transfers, sending my mail to me here in the states, keeping my account up for me, etc.  Better than the Germans and DEFINITELY better than what I've gotten in the states....no grief, no lines, no B.S., the fees haven't been too outrageous...It's ok...

that's why I recommended it.  The ONLY THING I have a beef about is when you call there, they put you on hold forever and sometimes, you can't get through.  I mean afterall, I'm not around the corner...that costs BIG MONEY!!  So...I just write now, if it's not something urgent that needs immediate attention. And most of the time, it's not. It's only minor stuff.

Well, I'm gone.

Ciao for now.


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Posted by Peter C-193726 - 15 years ago

I have an account with Credit Agricole in Cours Saleya,and they have been superb,much better than my bank in London(Nat West).Peter

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Posted by me_2003 - 15 years ago

the best bank by far is axabanque or banquedirecte as they used to be called.

amazing cheap...in fact they can be free as they refund all bank charges depending on how good a customer you are...

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Posted by wkonline - 15 years ago

you shouldn't be surprised..
most of the banks in monaco are "private banks"...
they require min. balance usually upwards of 500k euro
They offer investment accounts geared towards providing personalized services to high net worth individuals..
the french banks have retail bank offices in monaco which is why you were able to open your account with 100 eur.
You wouldn't be able to do that at barclays/hsbc/citigroup/ubs/credit suisse etc.. that only have "private bank" offices in monaco..


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Posted by scopin4u - 15 years ago

Yeah...I can recommend a good bank. I went to Monaco a couple of years ago, while I was living in Germany. I explored the place by foot. I walked EVERYWHERE.  The main purpose of me going was to open a bank account.  There's banks ALL OVER, but the objective is to FIND ONE that will do business with you as a foreignor. Not all the banks are willing to do this.  My first draw was BNP.  But just like the other person mentioned, they were pretty rude. The banks that I went into sent me basically on a wild goose chase. And I hit all the BIG ONES.  If you're not doing BUSINESS over there OR you're not a resident of the place to open a regular account with a small amount of money, OR if you're not rich, they don't want to deal with you.  Well, after walking up and down the hills (MOUNTAINS) and all over the place, as I was DETERMINED to find a bank, I came across several banks in the vicinity of the Monte Carlo Casino that I tried. I walked bank to bank. Finally, I came across this bank on the corner of Princesse Alice.  It was a Credit Lyonnais.  So I went in, and began to make inquiry. I saw this NICE lady by the name of Mary- Lise Baldacchino.  She spoke English and was very helpful. I had a bank account at the time with Commerzbank in Frankfurt.  Commerzbank and Credit Lyonnais is the same bank, except one is German and the other French.  SHE OPENED MY ACCOUNT!!!  I only put in 100 Euro to start!!  I was shocked, because of the other responses I had gotten at the other places I went to. It's located right around the corner from the casino, where all the shops are ...Louis Vuitton is right up the street. So, if you talk to her, maybe she can help you too.  the address of the bank is: 

Credit Lyonnais

Agence De Monte Carlo

2, Avenue Princesse Alice

98000  Monaco








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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 17 years ago

Many thanks for the recommendations guys, all appreciated and some experiences are all too familiar.



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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 17 years ago

I have been with CCF since 1989 and find them excellent ! Their tie-up with HSBC is a real bonus as well ! Highly recommended !stgeorge

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Posted by angel-187474 - 17 years ago

After two years of next-to-non existent service and outrageous fees at the Credit Lyonnais, my (French) partner has finally spit the dummy.  We too are looking for an up-to-date, modern bank.  Myself, coming from a country where most banking enquiries or problems can be solved by a simple telephone call (24hr svc) - I find the service provided by Credit Lyonnais totally unacceptable.

Our research so far (based on internet comparisons and recommendations) have led us to the following choices:

Banque Directe     Egg     CCF

Apparently, CCF provides an efficient (and less expensive) service for overseas money transfers.  They also have branches in about 80 different countries.

Good Luck

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 17 years ago

After bad experiences with the BNP (rude and inefficient) and Societe Generale (inefficient and very costly), I switched to Banque Directe, now AXA Bank.

It's a 'virtual' bank,  no branches,  Internet, phone and Minitel banking.  They do have English speaking staff (not many) and are helpful and efficient. You can do everything over the internet except paying in cash/cheques (I believe they have an arrangement for this with La Poste).

All normal banking facilities (credit cards, transfers, etc) but at lower cost than the conventional banks.