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Recommendation for webhosting company?

Posted by jeropo-186542 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Carolina1 - 16 years ago

Try www.truehosting.com. This is an American company with first class customer service and reasonable prices... I have been a very happy customer.



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Posted by lulu-183463 - 16 years ago


we used to have ovh for two of our sites but later we had to change service for our main one because our traffic became to heavy. for the smaller one, it works out really well and it's cheap.

http://www.ovh.com/fr/mutualise/ (for as little as 10 euros a year you can have hosting. you'd need to have a pretty good idea of your expected traffic and activity to select the best pkg that works for you)

these are french webhosting companies, btw.
good luck, L

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Posted by reinrev5 - 16 years ago

Following up on Aroncb's recommendation, in France oneandone.co.uk is called unetun.com but both are actually a subsidiary of the German mother company. In 5 years with them, I have only ever had a problem connecting through them once and that was from the South Pacific about 3 years ago. I sent them a tracert of the faulty route/connection (through a cyber-cafe) and they rectified their problem in a matter of hours.

E-mails through our site are virtually instantaneous, as are many these days. No more waiting around for the mail server to "wake up and do its' next tour of duty". No fuss and reliable in a manner that Germany still has a reputation for being.


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Posted by jeropo-186542 - 16 years ago


I'll certainly have a look!

best wishes!

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Posted by Aroncb - 16 years ago

Try www.oneandone.co.uk  Fantastic service, products and reliability.  Also comphrehensive support help too.


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Posted by andygodwin - 16 years ago

Hi, yes I do mean 50 euros.

Online charged me 44 euros and 7 cents for the .com registration and one year of hosting (the hosting is 30 euros ex tax).

They have a whole range of different packages depending upon your needs.

One thing they don't include is a phone support service, you can ask questions by email though.

Their site is in both French and English, all the different packages are well explained - suggest you take a look.

I'm sure there are many other operators with similar offers - web hosting is not as expensive as you think!

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Posted by jmroberts-180597 - 16 years ago

I have a friend who lives on the Riviera who has a webhosting company.

He has great rates and offers all inclusive packages (hosting, creation and personalised mail) and has already worked with real estate agencies.

Please contact me if you require any further information.

Best regards,


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Posted by Twilight-186781 - 16 years ago

try easyhost.com

you pay $9.95 for each dot com you buy per year

havent found any better than that in price

dont forget to read the smallprint if u buy a site


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Posted by azur-191694 - 16 years ago

I am also interested in this but do you really mean 50€?

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Posted by andygodwin - 16 years ago


I'd recommend www.online.net, I use them for 3 websites : a local judo club, an estate agency, and an independant consultant.  In 9 months I've had no problems with them at all.

For less than 50 euros per year, they registered the .com domains and set up the server with 100Mb of server space.  What else can you do for 50 euros these days.  Typically the set up time has been less than 2 days.

Try either www.mouginsjudo.com or www.coachlinks.com to see response times.

Let me know if you have questions,