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Reduced-rate phone calls

Posted by Flik - Created: 14 years ago
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In January, I saw a posting here asking about a reduced-rate phone call company called "phone expat" (or something like that) and containing a link to the site. There was even a reply from another user saying that they'd used this company and noticed a significant drop in their phone bill.

Could anyone out there give me the name of the company or the link?

Many thanks

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Posted by Flik - 14 years ago

Thank you to all who replied, I shall check out the different operators and see who suits best!


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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 14 years ago

Fascinating! - yjme posted her first reply while I was writing mine.  I didn't know about uvtel and just gave them a quick Google.

So... uvtel are the undisputed cheapest for local and national within France IF you are spending 500 minutes or more per WEEK! on these sorts of calls.  Otherwise, the Phonexpat deal looks great nationally/locally.

Uvtel uses CPS (pre-selection) so same caveats as phonexpat apply.

Uvtel cannot hold a candle to Telerabais for international costs (although still better than France Telecom)

I was amazed to learn how Uvtel achieve their national cost base.  It seems that latest Euro laws allow services to be VAT rated at point of delivery and not at point of sale - so Uvtel customers are getting benefit of 13% VAT rate levied out of Portugal.

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Posted by yjme-181229 - 14 years ago


4,5 euros a week for 24/24 calls in France, national and local.

0,90 centimes the minute to UK.

I wonder when it'll be that we don't pay for calls at all?!!

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 14 years ago

OK - a new one - thanks for that info.  I've been very happy using Telerabais but a little worried when they started hiking some rates so it is good to see we have more and more choice.

I did a quick comparison and it depends very much on where you most frequently call as to what service is the best.  However, picking USA or most European countries ;

You cannot beat Telerabais' pricing for international : it is at "tarif local" which means 3 Euro-cents/min during business day and 1.8 cents/min evenings and ALL weekend long.  Phoexpat seems to be at 3.8 cent/min regardless of time of day.  Minimum Telerabais charge is 9 cents, minimum Phonexpat is 12 cents.  Thus Telerabais is about 20% cheaper than Phonexpat in the day and about 50% cheaper nights and weekends.Phonexpat is the cheapest operator in France for Local and National calls.  Telerabais can offer Local and National at France Telecom "tarif local" but Phonexpat is less than 1 cent per minute.Phonexpat require a sign up for pre-selection which means that you have to have a contract and agree to their direct debit of your bank account.  Telerabais is strictly "pay as you go", billed additionally on your France Telecom bill.Phonexpat offer pre-selection of the "0" and the "00" - meaning you ned no special codes, no voice menus, no additional busy signals and waiting periods.  Telerabais needs access codes and voice menus.

Bottom Line: Phonexpat seems unbeatable on price within France.  Telerabais very attractive internationally.  Phonexpat easier to use if set up in advance0 but Telerabais more flexible with less personal commitment.

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Posted by yjme-181229 - 14 years ago

Just for information, the French consumers association did an investigation and came up with Uvtel being the cheapest cheap calls operator in France, with One-tel second place.  I can't for the life of me remember what the site was, but it is a totally serious national survey organisation.  The prices for abroad bewteen these two was not HUGE , but not to be negelected. 

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Posted by jaaaine - 14 years ago

HiThe company is called phonexpat, here is their web page... http://phonexpat.st-telecoms.com/ Good luck :)

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 14 years ago

Probably here?  Be careful as the Telerabais rates to some countries have changed significantly in recent weeks.  Check their website for latest info.