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Posted by miaboo - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by miaboo - 16 years ago

thanks, i will contact them as soon as i know what is happening.best regards

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Posted by NuttR - 16 years ago

Just to add to SteveR's excellent info, if you are made redundant, make sure you go IMMEDIATELY to the ASSEDIC to register with them (like within 24 hours), even if you know you don't have the necessary paperwork as this date is the date they use to base their payments to you.  It took me nearly four months to sort out my paperwork (my ex-employers fault), but they paid me for this period in arrears.  If you do get laid off, I hope you get to enjoy the spring and the summer a little before you have to start work again!


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Posted by miaboo - 16 years ago

Steve R. Thanks for the info

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Posted by Steve R-187639 - 16 years ago

Hi Miaboo,

somebody far more qualified than me will surely answer you but when I was made redundant the unemployment benefits were set out as follows.

If I had worked for up to 6 months continuously then I would have been entitled to 7 months' unemployment benefit.

If I had worked over 14 consecutive months, then I would have been entitled to 30 months' benefits.

(Not sure on the band inbetween).

Unemployment benefits were calculated at 57% of your gross monthly salary.

This may have all changed since but these were the guidelines we were given at the end of 2002.

Hope this helps and should you be hit by unemployment then welcome to a whole new trail of paper though it was by no means as bad as it was to get the Carte de Sejour in the first place.