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Redundancy Procedure

Posted by topcat-180794 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by topcat-180794 - 16 years ago

Thanks Canteloupe for your reply. I'm actually a cadre so I guess I get three months notice. How long does the redundancy procedure have to take before I start my preavis.

Also, I understand that my preavis is treated a tax free...do you know if this true


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Posted by Canteloupe - 16 years ago

It depends on the terms of your contract, whether or not you are 'cadre'. If so you have to work out a notice period of 3 months - otherwise it's one month.

You can begin the unemployment procedure from the day that you receive official notice of your redundancy (delivered to you AR or handed to you, en mains propres), that speeds up the arrival of your dole money.

This letter will follow an initial letter advising you that you are likely to be made redundant.

Being made redundant for economic reasons entitles you to unemployment benefit.

You can choose to take the holidays you had planned or deduct them from the time you still have to put in. Your employer is legally bound to give you six days off a month for you to look for work.

If your employer fails to follow the procedure to the letter of the law you can sue him - visit the Prudhommes if you think this is happening. A lot of French do this as a matter of course. Others just move on and spend their time instead looking for work.

Good luck. And enjoy your time off!