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Remain a house owning tourist or become a resident

Posted by civilservant-192658 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by mike-179830 - 16 years ago

civilservant: there is no such things as a legal "full-time tourist". If you live in France you have to get "involved in French bureaucracy" whether you like it or not. If you try to bypass the system you could well find that French bureaucracy gets involved with you, and not in a good way.**************

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Posted by lynnettejane - 16 years ago

Hi John, it depends I guess on how much you like your life in the UK. We have a small holiday home on the cda, but I doubt we will ever permanently relocate to France, if we did it would probably be elsewhere. There's an awful lot we like about the uk, despite the weather, that just isn't in France. I guess you do miss out on somethings, that's inevitable if you only visit every so often, I know that the second time we went down there for a break after buying I had this really strange feeling, I wasn't sure if I was a tourist or a resident, didn't know which category I fitted into any more. Obviously you don't  integrate, but we still manage to chit chat to our neighbours who seem kind and friendly, and people obviously get used to seeing you there and show a friendly but polite curiosity. I feel that we have the best of both worlds, and hope to keep it that way for several years to come, regards Lynnetteregards Lynnette

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Posted by Geoff77 - 16 years ago


Do you have a home in England which you would maintain, if you decided to become a resident here in France? As you may have to declare this to the Fr. tax authorities being a permanent resident here and paying Fr. income tax.( Also if you let out your UK home to provide a  rental income, this is taxable in France,   If this is not the case i.e. no official UK address, then being resident assuming your income is mainly from a pension/ and not working here,  generally your tax bill should be less than in the UK. 

To be taxed only in France and pay no UK tax  can be complex to sort out without expert help. I've been living in France, with my wife, for 18 months and am still being taxed on my pension paid in the UK, despite visits/correspondence/emails with the local des Impot office in Nice I've been unable to obtain the official paper-work, which the Inland Revenue in England require to confirm my "overseas status" enabling my pension to be paid tax-free, from the UK.

ON the Plus side, however I hav'nt paid any Fr. income tax yet, as the "self-assessment" system here is always based on the previous "tax year" i.e. 2003 , Assessment forms being sent out now to all Fr. residents;throughout France. Hope this info will assist you.