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renovation to barns

Posted by johnpayne - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by mike-179830 - 16 years ago

You may find it helpful to read AngloINFO's INFOrmation Page on the Certificat d'Urbanisme Planning Permit

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Posted by tmax-183603 - 16 years ago


I am going through the process with a bergerie. I am not changing the exterior fabric at al except for putting glass in where the wooden palettes were!

If it is a barn in the accepted sense it won't be classed as a "habitation" and you will need to file for a change of use to live in it.

You will need planning permission. The local Mairie, in my case, was extremely helpful. They will supply you with a "permit de Construire". If the internal afloor area will exceed 140m2 you will need an architect to do your plans. Below this a fag packet will do (I drew mine myself).

The French are very keen on sewage. There are very few main drains. If you aren't blessed with access to mains sewage the ubiquitous septic tank is necessary and the route the waste will take (the soakaway) will need to be shown. Also you will need to show where your water and electricity are coming in.

Planning permission isn't hard to get but doea take time. And, like planners everywhere they will want to change something. In my case I had shown my shutters as Azure blue. This, as you will be aware, is not a a rare colour here! The planners have said mine must be green (no shade of green mentioned though!)

These are not definative answers, just experiences and I'm sure someone more qualified will correct any errors I've made and put you on the right track.

Good luck

Terry Lalley

Does the barn