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Rent-free letting

Posted by Humptydingo-180377 - Created: 14 years ago
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A 'friend' of one of my neighbours has asked her to let her villa to her for a couple of months because she is splitting up with her husband.  Although my neighbour is willing to let the villa to her rent-free, she is dubious in case her 'friend' will not vacate the property after this 'couple of months'.  What precautions should she take to prevent any such problems.  Also I know you can't 'evict' someone during the winter months but when does this period finish ?  Is there a website from which she can obtain legal information about short-term (not holiday) letting of French property.  Thanks for any help.

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Posted by Humptydingo-180377 - 14 years ago

It is a pity that you couldn't read this more positively and see that friend was in inverted commas which would indicate more of an acquantance who is desperate for help from someone who is desperately trying to off help but also wants to be cautious after having heard so many horror stories about so called short-term property lets.

Is there no-one out there who can offer her more constructive advice about dealing with this let so that her kindness is not abused.



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Posted by alx-189416 - 14 years ago

If she doesnt trust her to leave I'm suprised she trusts her enough to let her stay at all... Just a thought...