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Rental Scams

Posted by Dkernaghan - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Fashion1 - 5 years ago

Copycat. Easier now that s-body has been caught and public record tells you how they were caught.

Will continue as this is one of the most expensive places to live in europe and there are more people looking for 'deals', esp. w/ the £ @ 1.23 and the situation happening now (europe) and will get worse, b4 it gets better. Easy pickens, as they would say. 

You have to think about the situation, these kids grew up here, the whole family lives here, but after they gradutate school, they have only the option of 'living with the parents' as they cannot even afford a studio or cannot even find a job.

Point is, if s-thing sounds to good to be true, it is a scam.

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Posted by PC Guy-226400 - 5 years ago

What I find really interesting about this is the date.  You posted this on the 18th November.  However, on the 5th of September a 20-year old man was convicted of starting the leboncoin scam and was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.

Perhaps he had a partner who is continuing the scam ? 

PC Guy

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Posted by Ursii - 5 years ago

Wow! Glad to get all that info!

Never would have thought of all that!  Scary!!!!


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Posted by job-212223 - 5 years ago

Just a word of warning for landlords also. Years ago an American student contacted me saying she wanted to rent my apt and she wanted a copy of the contracts sent to her US address which I did.  When she arrived in France she didn't want our apt at all,  after I had stupidly put extra beds in  and spent money etc. i discovered she wanted the contracts only to enable her to get the student visa she required to come and study here. Lesson learnt by us, no contracts sent out by post to anyone!

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Posted by nissalabella - 5 years ago

Hi, if you want to rent a property in this region, or anywhere else, you can answer an ad, then all the "dealings with" is done by mail/telephone and the first thing you want to do is to see whatever is offered as "rental". No personal details are required, until you see the place and show an interest... At least this is how, as a landlord, I operate... If somebody is interested with the property I have which is to rent, then I'll ask for some references which are normally asked for, and if every is OK, a lease is done and everybody is happy...   Paying upfront 1000 euro to ONLY have the right to visit the place seems to me very outrageous and illegally wrong, so to be reported to the police...

Hope this helps,


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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 5 years ago

if they have a name, date of birth & adress etc they can falsify id documents which will check out as valid if checked because the facts are right.

With false id/ justificatifs de domicile they can, for exampl,e register a car which will then cause you to be responsable for any PVs parking tickets etc. Not to mention opening bank accounts, getting loans........

That s why we shouldnt really complain if the banks etc are asking for more & more proof of who we are- better that than being held responsable for the dishonest behaviour of others

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Posted by Ursii - 5 years ago

Good to know. Thanks.

I got these kind of emails a few times. Now I recognise them and ignore them.

But you might be right and it's better to report them.

It always puzzles me how and why people take their time and write those fake mails.

What is the reason behind it??

Can they use those informations in any way?

Glad this get's discussed so we will be better protected!!

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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 5 years ago

if she s worried about id theft, she needs to go to the gendamerie and pose a main courant about it, then, should there be any future problems she can show that there had been a potential "leak" of info.

You could also contact le boncoin as they should be able to trace the person responsable for the ad if necessary. They should want to protect themselves against accusations of harbouring criminals if the situation were to go bad

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Posted by Ursii - 5 years ago

Hi, I also fell in this trap once approx a year ago and nothing has happened so far, thanks Goodness.

There are so many weirdos out there. Watch out!