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Reporting Workman with no insurance

Posted by michaelh-184806 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Carolina1 - 16 years ago

Always hold back some payment until you are satisfied with the completed job.

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Posted by coolas - 16 years ago

Actually, I know of a family who DID do it legally and they still got completely scr*wed over - ended up in court, ended up losing thousands in rent they had to pay for alternative accomodation while this 'legal artisan' just pleaded poverty, all the while refusing to complete work he'd already been paid for.  The result... After MONTHS of legal wranglings and a fortune spent on legal fees, they are finally taking ownership of their house.  This guy was legal AND recommended and he still turned out to be a shady crook.


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Posted by Black Cat-192495 - 16 years ago

stgeorge is right. Do it through a legally declared person.

There are several good reasons to use only French declared artisans.

1/ They must have the obligatory "decennal" insurance which covers you if the job is badly done. Try forcing a "black" builder to come back and do it right!

2/ A legal artisan or French company can provide the necessary receipts for capital gains tax write-off if the house/apt is not your primary residence and subject to capital gains tax upon sale. The money you thought you'd saved by going "black" gets back to the taxman the day you sell.

3/ If there is an accident during the work it's the owner (known as the "donneur d'ordre" by the courts), not the artisan who is responsible in case of death or injury of a "black" worker. So you have to ask yourself this: "In order to save a few euros, am I willing to risk prison and seizure of my property in order to pay the medical and other bills if there is an accident on the site?"

This last point is not a theoretical one. It happens, and a lot more often that you'd think. It's just that nobody crows about it. I know of 3 such cases (although only one case directly, the others were told to me).

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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 16 years ago

Wogerdog - My own sentiments exactly , but wonderfully and dramatically described far better than I could even attempt !

What nonsense to think of reporting someone working on the black to the authorities - you get what you pay for and stay philosophical if it doesn't work out ! I say more fool the person who tried to do it on the cheap and got ripped off ! Serves them right ! Employ the proper artisan and you can't go wrong !

Yet another reason to learn French !( And not live in Antibes !)



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Posted by wogerdog-186944 - 16 years ago

You should be more careful now than you were when you employed this man or woman . Not only is it a criminal offence, punishable by death, for anyone to work in France without all of the necesary and mind boggling documentation, it is also an offence to employ anyone who dares to be so psychotically criminal.

If you do report this person you will without a doubt be in serious trouble yourself.

The law is there to protect everyone and allow people to live a life free of risk, responsibility and therefore be cucooned  in a numbing, spirit free existance and allow you to do lunch in peace.

Next time you employ a builder, test him or her with a task that will not threaten human existance before he or she destroys your life or..... do it yourself.

Whether a builder is a fully paid up squeeky clean, Chirac fearing Frenchman or a devious scoundrel attempting to earn a crust without committing him or herself to a socialist republic vortex, the resulting work will be the same, good or bad. Try sueing anyone in France and you will be taken on a journey that will make you scream and you will hand over enough cash to pay the national debt of a small African nation.

Trust me I know. When you are born, its all your fault.


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Posted by michaelh-184806 - 16 years ago

Thankyou will go with the advice and let you know if they a .. take any action and b.. take me seriously....

Many thanks.


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Posted by Myop - 16 years ago

As serious as the offence is (especially if he doesn't have the obligatory "assurance decenal" which protects consumers against "malfacon" - shoddy workmanship) the Chambre des Metiers is not usually inclined to handle such matters.The people to contact are:1/ The Inspection des Impots, preferably the one which the offender's address depends on. Give his name, address and any proof you have that he's working illegally (invoice, receipt, estimate, bank account number, number of a cheque you may have paid him with if that cheque has been debited).2/ L'Inspection du Travail. In Alpes Maritimes it's at the prefecture. Switchboard 04 93 72 76 00 open only half days (can't remember if it's a.m. or p.m.) Service du travail illegal 04 93 72 76 19.3/ DCCRF (Direction de la Consommation, Concurrence et Repression des Fraudes) In 06 it's at 37 avenue Thiers, Nice. 04 97 03 33 00.4/ Union Departemental des Consommateurs, 30 rue Pastorelli, Nice 04 93 80 91 92. Consommateurs-O6 Que Choisir, 20 bd Raimbaldi, Nice 04 93 62 43 72. Both are groups which try to have such people prosecuted with a view to protecting the consumer.5/ URSSAF, Service des Inspections, avenue de la Californie, Nice.A French mate of mine is a tax inspector who gets brownie points for uncovering such things. If you are sure of your facts email me the details and I will pass on.

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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 16 years ago

Does this guy have a Sicilian accent?Tony

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Posted by mike-179830 - 16 years ago

A visit to the Chambre des Métiers may be advisable...