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Resolution of Cross-Border taxation issues

Posted by Woodrow-191365 - Created: 14 years ago
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I recently had to deal with some complicated tax issues involving UK, France, Switzerland, and the US. After a long search I found a competent firm with a Brtish professor of International tax who was able to offer the correct advice.

This resulted in a substantial cost saving!!!! Please contact me if you require more details.


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Posted by enigma-182383 - 14 years ago

I do not intend to make an issue of this matter. You can show me publications, I could give you names of many people who have had their fingers very badly burned bt the man, I am now sure we are discussing.

However, if you are determined to proceed I wish you much luck. You will need it!

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Posted by Woodrow-191365 - 14 years ago

Thank you for your reponse but this professor has a reputable firm in Sophia and Antipilos. There are not many peiople in the region who can claim to be an authority on international taxation. This peron has many publications to prove it!!



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Posted by enigma-182383 - 14 years ago

Sorry, I meant to say "can not" even say where as I am sure this would be in conflict with the rules of this website.

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Posted by enigma-182383 - 14 years ago

Hello Woodrow,

I read your posting with some concern, as there is a person in this region (I feel I should even say where) suggesting that they are a "professor of international tax" who makes out that he knows and understands such matters and many many people have been left with nothing, realising too late that the reason the solutions offered sounded too good to be true is because all the things they were told were, in fact, fiction. It may well be that your person is very competent and very genuine, as those can certainly be found. However, if you would like to know more (as I am very sure I can not ever name names on this website) please e-mail me, and I would be glad to enlighten you.

Σnigma ?