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Posted by courtiot-185037 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by courtiot-185037 - 17 years ago

Thank you all for your very comforting advice and we have taken it too, we have consulted an expert who is sorting it out for us!!!

Again thanks!!!

A newbie resident in France!!!

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Posted by Admin-179828 - 17 years ago

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Posted by Gavin R - 17 years ago

Hallo Sue,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


The rules, as they are explained to me are :


There are double tax treaties between the UK and France which deal with taxation and so it is very rare that you would need to pay tax twice.


For most pension income, the tax is payable in France. This is only not the case, however, if you have a civil service pension, as this is usually taxable in the UK. The tax treaty is clear and so it is not likely that you will end up paying tax in both countries. If you do not have a civil service pension and are paying tax at source on your pension income, then you must contact your provider / ex-employee pension trustees as soon as possible and tell them you are a non tax payer and that they should pay your pension income gross.


As far as the unpaid tax in France goes, the French tax authorities may accept that you have paid tax in the UK “de bonne foi” (in good faith) and will not seek to tax you retrospectively (although I could not guarantee that).


Another point that may have raised some confusion, is that any “exempt” income such as a civil service pension, must still be declared on your French tax return. It does not mean that this money is taxed but it will, however, affect how your other income is taxed, but it is certainly not taxed twice.


I hope this reduces your worries. Lespalmiers is right when he says you should get some advice, as I referred him to my adviser (how did that go anyway les?). If you want me to offer you his details, let me know.


Good Luck



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Posted by lespalmiers - 17 years ago


Welcome to Angloinfo !! I am not new to France but am a relative newcomer to AI - I would suggest that you seek professional advice for this subject as I believe you should end up paying tax in one country only (France)

If you need specific advice like this, use the Search facility for the site (the box at the top of the first page).

For this subject it gives the page http://www.angloinfo.com/af/35/ which has a list of companies in the Riviera, which will be able to help. 

I hope this helps to reassure you that help is not far away  . . . . . . . . . .


Regards, Les