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Rip off in a tourist pub in Antibes

Posted by JohninNice - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by mat-196270 - 13 years ago




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Posted by mat-196270 - 13 years ago

There are no such things as pubs in france. The rub a dub is particularly british, not just a french café with a dartboard , television and a few fizzy keg pseudo beers. Just forget about calling it a pub and go get a drink in a real bar that is not full of foriegners i.e non french with reasonable prices and as far away as possible from the croxds

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Posted by Margarete-181866 - 13 years ago


If anyone is interested there are two consumer organisations, however you have to bring evidence for any complaint.

If your French is good you can report the incident o the Repression des Fraudes: DCRF (consumer protection 0800 202 203 or  (Nice) 04 97 03 33 00.

The consumer protection association Que Choisir UFC 06 has a member(Sigfried Ulmer)  who speaks both English and German. But this assocaition will only deal with your complaint if you are a member (34,50euro/year). It is often worth joining as they also can handle other consumer problems you may have.  Their number in Nice is 04 93 62 43 72 (fax 04 93 62 23 75). They are not always present as it is an association of volunteers so you may have to call more than once.



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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 13 years ago

So who's getting a baqshish to turn a blind eye then ? Normally these practices are dealt with in no uncertain terms - bear in mind that it's the French who issue the licence !

The price of all drinks must be up on the wall for all to see - Happy Hour or not !



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Posted by jamesh19 - 13 years ago

In fact - one might observe that "pubs" are not standard French fare...

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Posted by dbwdbw - 13 years ago

... and the other pubs in Antibes which THEY own as well and have rude staff and stupid prices ....

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Posted by hewe - 13 years ago

I know this pub quite well, as they've ripped off me and friends of mine  too. The only thing you can do is to tell everybody not to go there. anymore. That's what we are doing since a couple of years.