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Road Weight Limits

Posted by stesam - Created: 13 years ago
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Does anyone know how to check what the weight limits are on local roads in the Vence / Tourettes area ? We are moving to the area in the next couple of weeks. The movers have just collected our things and the conversation I had with the drivers who visited today indicated that the vehicle they would prefer to deliver with has an 18 metric tonne laden weight. They told us that they can rent a smaller vehicle if they need to but we need to warn them in advance if they need to do this.

The road that we are moving to is reached via a series of old bridges and I am a little bit wary that the weight of the van may exceed the road weight limit. I know there will be signs if the bridges are especially low load bearing but 18 metric tonnes is quite high and I am just slightly worried that this may not be caught this way.

I have mailed the owner of the property we are renting and asked him but I am not 100% sure whether he will know this himself and was wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences and knows a good way to check ?

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