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Rollerblading lessons needed!!

Posted by blondeclutz - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Aroncb - 16 years ago

OK, I went thorugh the pain of learning while living in Munich.  The secret is to not care about falling over.  Go for it...  You will fall over its inevitable.  Just make sure you have knee, wrist and elbow guards to start. 

You'll note even the whizzes at it still wear guards.... That random drain is always waiting for your wheels.

No need for lessons.  Just keep trying and find some rolling buddies to give you tips. 

Practice alone in somewhere smooth and quiet till you get the hang of moving and braking.   Then try crossing the odd rough surface, stepping onto and off pavements.  Took me 2 days hard graft to get used to it.   Practice in a safe area.  IE Don`t be going down hill to a busy junction when you can`t break yet. 

All it takes is time, and bruises.  Within a month I was using roller blades as my method of travel everywhere. 

And don`t care what you look like either, we have all hugged lamp posts at one time or another.

Happy post hugging.



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Posted by msenic - 16 years ago

If you are really interested in playing some hockey, you should join us Sunday evenings in Nice for ice hockey.  All levels are welcome.


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Posted by sco - 16 years ago

Would love to teach you... but my blades are back home!  I would get them shipped out here if there was even a slight chance of getting people teogether for some roller-hockey though!!  Anyone??  -Scott