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Safety in Nice ?

Posted by tictoc-226769 - Created: 10 years ago
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Posted by selkie-187145 - 10 years ago

We haven't had a problem in Nice [and it was a concern because we have a 15 year old daughter who will be starting to go out at night in the near future].The same rules apply as in any city- don't flash money around, walk with purpose, keep to the well lit areas, don't get drunk and incapable of recognizing dodgy situations.People are out walking their dogs till about midnight and the bin lorries are touring the streets emptying bins so there are often people around.

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Posted by plusate - 10 years ago

Nice is like the Bronx, if u even have an English sounding accent they will kidnap you and you will end up on tv in an Orange jump suit.... just tell them you want them to be able too work more than 35 hours a week and get overtime, u will be ok lol, no its ok, it easier too deal with than London or Amsterdam, even Paris, same stuff in citys, not everything is great, just keep your wits about u

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Posted by mansardus - 10 years ago

Just take the normal precautions you would take in a city in the UK. I am female, come over here on my own quite a lot; live in quite a rough area but fell quite relaxed.

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Posted by drummer_boy - 10 years ago

The main issue is the Promenade and scooter thieves. These idiots like to steal stuff off your front seat. Other than that, in 8 years here I have never had violence probems.Having lived all over, Nice is quite safe.BUT - people cherish their horror stories. Anecdotes are not staristics.