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San Remo market vs. Ventimiglia ?

Posted by vcheng - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by Cassini-187302 - 15 years ago

Sanremo is definitely Tuesday and Saturday. There are other similar markets in most of the costal towns in Imperia. The Imperia local paper Il Seccolo usually lists markets. Vallecrosia has a small market on Mondays - mostly food but some inexpensive clothes and has an antique market several times a year - sorry don't know when but believe it is on Sunday morning.

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Posted by hope-186232 - 15 years ago

I only know San Remo market being on Saturday morning and it normally surrounds the built in one that you found. Try the market at Bordighera on Thursday along the sea front, its much quieter and better than either San Remo (expensive) or Ventimiglia (always too many people - bus loads arrive).yvonne

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Posted by ivi - 15 years ago

Ventimiglia and San Remo are exactly the same stalls (and owners) which move from one town to the other according to the day.  You won't ever find used furniture, it's not that kind of a market.  It's a market for new stuff and a lot of Italian shop owners run a stall and have a shop as well.  So it's shoes, clothes, handbags, swim wear, new stuff for the house.....  On Friday they set up in Ventimiglia, on Tuesday and Saturday they set up in San Remo.  They also do Bordighera (don't know the day) but in the less well known locations some stall owners don't always bother to set up a stand (hence the market is smaller). 

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Posted by amj-196349 - 15 years ago

San Remo Tuesdays & Saturdays. Saturday is usually busier. I've been a few times and have never seen Furniture. Perhaps you need to look out for a Brocante fair.

If you're looking for a bargain try the Troc de l'Isle(?) in France. There are several around here all in the yellow pages.

Happy Hunting.

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Posted by Si-180835 - 15 years ago

Friday is market day in Ventimiglia, and I think it's Saturday in San Remo.

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Posted by Sam L - 15 years ago


I've been to both, most recently ventimiglia in March this year. There are certainly more stalls in Ventimiglia- hundreds in fact! It seems to take up the entire beachfront and a lot of the town! From memory they mostly sold: Shoes, Clothes, Fabrics, household products, food (not a lot), can't remember seeing any furniature though! Plus the usual men selling fake handbags etc on sheets by the pavement.... I have a feeling it was a thursday the day we went, which is I think the biggest market day.

I haven't been to San Remo for years, but from memory it was fairly small in comparison to Ventimiglia. It depends on which day you go though, I can't remember when the biggest market day is, perhaps someone else knows...?

I'm sure you'll enjoy the trip though if you do decide to go to Ventimiglia, we certainly did- many bargains!!