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Satelite channels gone AWOL

Posted by SGP - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by mcgreen - 7 years ago

Not to do with the vertical and horizontal signal, that relates to polarisation of the radio beam. But does relate to the up and down and side to side position of your dish which will if moved in the correct direction give you better signal. But the big question will be which is the correct direction.

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Posted by SGP - 7 years ago

Thanks for the info, mcgreen and Fashion - greatly appreciated. Presumably since the horizontal signal is the signal affected it's a case of tilting the dish slightly up or down to align and keeping the vertical 'as is' or is that putting it too simply?

Thanks again

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Posted by mcgreen - 7 years ago

SGP - The channels you mentions are all ones that have recently been migrated to a new Satellite in the 28.2 Deg location, 2F (list here http://www.astra2.org/astra2f.html) . As noted by Fashion this has a tighter beam on the UK so has resulted in loss of signal strength in this area. Speculation was that all the UK Free to Air channels would move over to this new satellite. This does not seem to be the case and some will not now move to a new satellite (2E) until mid 2013, BBC announced this last week for their channels. Whether 2E will be same as 2F remains to be seen, it is speculated that it will be. Personally I can still happily get the channels that have moved to 2F on my 90cm dish all be it I can see the signal strength is reduced so I know I will loose the picture on these channels sooner when the weather is bad. So if you have a dish smaller than 90 cm get a new one, if it is 90 cm or more then you probably just need the dish re aligning to maximise the signal strength.

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Posted by Fashion1 - 7 years ago

It is meant to happen as advertisers who pay alot of money for UK viewers are wasting it by people viewing outside of the UK.

They have changed to a tighter beamed satelite, meaning you need to purchase and install a bigger dish.