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Scam alert!

Posted by SJ-190944 - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by Reevesy - 13 years ago

Hey don't knock it.

I sent loads of money to the lovely Prince in Adjerbandyland, he invested it for me and  l am now rich beyond my wildest dreams and would strongly advise every one to do the same.....

No seriously though, do you think anyone actually falls for this 'Send me some money' type of stuff? I've had 2 e-mails from these rather hopefull o-line conmen.

Best o'luck lads

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Posted by simonwynne - 13 years ago

Nice wanted picture on scamoramo kink of uche...any f b ideas

Simon Templer

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Posted by Ringo the Gringo - 13 years ago

But thest things can be good humour, too, for those with the time on their hands to play them at their own game!


It is called "nigerian scam baiting"!! lol!!

Check out ...



and there was a great one (message log spanning months of communication) done by someone posing as "Captain James Kirk". It was hilarious but I cant find the URL now.

If nothing else they show you what these fellows try to do with any respones. Stupid, and sad, but oddly funny. To me anyway.

I like monkeys.



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Posted by SJ-190944 - 13 years ago

Thanks, Admin, I know you do the best you can.  It's just an irritation, really.

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Posted by Admin-179828 - 13 years ago

quote:Is this a coincidence?

If you had posted a message, no. The scammer appears to sign up, log in and then "start at the top and work down", sending their hustling e-mail via the e-mail link we provide for legitimate communication. So people who have posted recently are more likely to get the scammer's message, and it will arrive soon after they have stopped using the Forum (or even while they're still online).

Forums Administration

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Posted by JanieP-183958 - 13 years ago

Me too via Anglo Info!

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Posted by Admin-179828 - 13 years ago

Once again, the miscreant has had their access to the Forum removed and a firmly-worded note has been sent to their ISP (in Côte d'Ivoire). Unfortunately, with a public access system it is pretty hard to block this stuff if people sign up with legitimate e-mail addresses. We don't take or keep copies of e-mails sent via The AngloINFO Forum as we believe that would be an intolerable - and probably illegal - intrusion upon our members' privacy. Consequently, we are grateful when you inform us of such unacceptable behaviour. It is generaly best to do so via e-mail.

We take all technical measures we can to prevent the abuse of our systems in this way, but some fraudsters will always find a way of slipping through. When that happens we try to stop them as quickly as possible.

Forums Administration

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Posted by amj-196349 - 13 years ago

I received the Celinemilan one yesterday and the prince one today.

What I noticed was that they both arrived, though separate days, in my mail within an hour of me logging out. Is this a coincidence?

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Posted by LEXX - 13 years ago

have also recived the prince scam today

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Posted by No.6 - 13 years ago

Btw, there was already another very similar thread on this subject over here:


I'm guessing that these scammers must be doing this manually: registering themselves as new AI members as fast as Admin can delete them, picking out AI member pseudonyms to send to, creating new webmail addresses to replace the ones deleted by their ISPs, etc. etc.  All this in the hope that a 0.5% (or less) positive response rate will result in some dishonest money for their efforts. 

Strange to think of such moronic behaviour as one byproduct of the Internet age... one wonders what's in store for mankind further down this road, eh?