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School registration advice

Posted by 2004sparkles-193110 - Created: 14 years ago
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I am new to the musiciens area of Nice (Avenue George Clemenceau) and want to register my son to start school for September.

Where do I start looking for school records, catchment areas and registration?

Does anyone have insider info on any of the schools local to me here?

Please email me with advice and tips.


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Posted by Di-193144 - 14 years ago

Very thoughtful reply; your comments are well taken as is the suggestion. 


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Posted by yjme-181229 - 14 years ago

Speaking from the experience I have (a lot), it is not a good idea to listen too much to schools' reputations for one very simple reason.  The school is as good as it's director and teachers are. Because there is regular movement in every school, a bad reputation can very quickly turn into a good one and vice versa.  Some schools will have a higher population of immigrants which may be relative to the school's reputation, some schools may not have any facilities for English speakers, some schools are more artistically inclined, some schools prefer sports to be high on the agenda.

I completely understand that you want the best for your child, I was/am the same, but you could go on changing houses for years if you suddenly become dissatisfied with a school and want to change which also is not always good for a child.  Ultimately, unless a child is very, very unhappy in which case you find out exactly why....it is more your reaction to the school and how you perceive it that is the issue. If your child is happy and seemingly doing well and progressing, no matter what the reputation of the school, that is the most important thing.  In the state system, schools are mainly run along the same lines. If you opt for private schools, then obviously there will be differences that may be 'better' or not as good'.

The only thing I can think of for you is to stand outside the schools you are interested in at home time and 'feel' the atmosphere, talk to some of the mothers if you can/dare. See the children's faces, etc. etc. May sound daft, but it is a very effective pointer.  Good luck.


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Posted by Di-193144 - 14 years ago

I find this discussion interesting, as I attempt to evaluate schools in Nice so as to locate an area to live (purchase). My son, age 2, attends a private school near to where we currently live (Californie & Fabron) that is wonderful.  I understood that the maternal in my catchment is St. Helene and is terrible. 

Does one know how to source a list of primary and secondary schools and their catchment areas.  Let's assume it is the Marie.  The next point of discussion is then to learn the quality of the schools. 

This seems like a daunting task and I've time to figure it out.  But, in reading the discussion now seemed as good as any to start asking questions. 

Appreciate any insight. 

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Posted by yjme-181229 - 14 years ago


I'm afraid there is not much choice if you already have a fixed address, although in rare circumstances you can obtain a 'derogation' to another school if the circumstances are outstanding (like for example you work next door to another school not too far from you but not classed in your catchment area). The other thing I should point out is that if there are too many three year olds in September, children born earlier on in the year (2001) will be given priority over your son who won't be three until November. Chances are there are enough places, but just know this in case you are put on a waiting list. If both parents have jobs, this will work in your favour (as far as your son being accepted over another of the same age whose parents don't work). It really all depends on your area, the school and the places available.  I don't know of any websites personally, certainly not for public maternelle schools. If I come up with anything, I'll let you know!

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Posted by 2004sparkles-193110 - 14 years ago

He's just a baby but growing so fast! He'll be 3 in November which is why I'm thinking about it now.

In general is there one or a choice and if the latter is there any website I could use to find out about them..reports that kind of thing.?

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Posted by yjme-181229 - 14 years ago

You go to your local mairie (ask for the services des ecoles) who will tell you which schools you are 'assigned' to, depending on the age of your son. If he is primary age or younger, everything is dealt with through them, (they are able to start in the September of the year he is three) if he is secondary age, you may go directly to the local collége and see the principal (again the mairie will tell you which collége is for your address). Inscriptions are being held from March onwards usually.  Please feel free to contact me for with any questions.