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Schooling in French

Posted by vickya - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by fidav - 16 years ago

If you weren't so far away from me I could help, but I am sure you can find someone there to help too. I have friends with English speaking children at French schools and they were worried about them keeping up their French, so twice a week I do a lesson with each of them - we read, do english 'worksheet' activities with spellings, grammar etc as well as a few fun activities and English games. I am a teacher and have loads of things to do with them.

If you look out for an English teacher in that part of the world - preferably a qualified one who will know what is expected at those ages - and organise an hour or two a week, they will keep up their English quite well. They will be able to use their French reading and writing 'skills' (as opposed to language) to help them to read and write in English anyway .... in other words they are learning how to READ not just how to read French.  Good luck, hope you find a good teacher!

The 2 1/2 year old might benefit from an English play group if you can find one, if not organise your own!! Painting, playing, listening to stories, games and puzzles etc in English with a few English or bilingual friends.

Hope that helps!