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Schools sophia antipolis

Posted by lisafrey - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 14 years ago

There are many other notes in this forum discussing such issues - I presume you have searched for them.

To answer your questions directly ;

quote:What are the chances of getting into the CIV programme at 4eme?

Virtually zero for an anglophone kid - see the "tunnel" discussions in other posts.  Occasional entries in later years do occur based on places becoming free due to family moves but these places tend to go to francophone kids from local schools wishing to move into international curriculum.

quote:there is no "entrance test" for kids from wholly-english speaking backgrounds.  what does that mean in terms of acceptance rates? does that mean they take none, or they take all? 

It doesn't happen.  Competency in French is mandatory for 6ème entry.  The "foreign" language (e.g. English, Spanish, Italian, German) is then introduced in doses varying from 5 to 8 hours per week depending on "foreign" language competency - which can be zero so it does happen that 100% French-only speaking kids starting in 6ème but not vice-versa. 

quote:we have to submit report cards.  do they accept only straight A's? 

for 6ème that is pretty close to the mark.  For entry into other years, it is such a rare event, depending upon places being vacated that you could only really tell by asking the anglophone section close to the end of a school year (like now)

quote:If he does get in, what is life like, a new kid, with no french, in the 4eme?  how do they possibly pass math and science, in french?  how many kids in the class are truly anglophone, and not bilingual?

Theoretical question as this situation does not exist to my knowledge (at least not in collège years)

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Posted by BM-194107 - 14 years ago

Hi Lisa, I'm currently making the same enquiries myself at CIV but for my 15yr old , also for entrance Sep 2005. I see on their website that they have an intensive programme, French as a second language, which is supposed to help them with the classes that are conducted in French......that looks like its offered at Middle School level. Although my daughter does ( beg.)French at school I am going to enrol her in extra French classes for the next year, perhaps you should do the same with your two?