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Scottish couple moving to Nice next year.

Posted by laverty88 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by laverty88 - 5 years ago

Hello Alastair.

Thanks for your message.

Where in the east coast of Scotland are you guys originally from?

How have you been getting on learning French? It's a very difficult language, I can speak a bit now but still have some trouble.

There is a decent number of Scottish people in Nice, they normally drink at Ma Nolan's down The Port in Nice. I usually play in Nice & Antibes. Most of the group work is in Nice. You said you play guitar, can you sing? I am looking to start a duo playing bass with a guitarist/singer and reckon I could get us some work in Nice if we can batter out some songs!!

Would be cool to meet up anyway, I knew what it was like living here and not really knowing anyone! I currently live with my French girlfriend in Nice. Thanks.







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Posted by allysim - 5 years ago

Hi Ciaran,


I just spotted your message while browsing the forums today.  My wife and I both moved over to the Riviera area a couple of months ago.  We are both originally from the east coast of Scotland though were living for several years in the south of England before moving over here.  We came over for me to start a new job although my wife has not yet been able to find work.  She speaks intermediate level French but I am a novice having recently started beginner lessons.


We are still very much in a settling in phase and are living in temporary accommodation in the Sophia Antipolis area currently.  We will be moving to closer to Grasse in a few weeks time.  We have been to Nice a couple of times and really like it there.  We haven't really managed to meet all that many people so far and so would be keen to find other opportunities get to know other folk locally.  I am also a musician (guitar mainly) though don't play in any bands aside from an informal group of work colleagues.  I'd be interested to know if you have found any decent places for live music in Nice also, I gather that summer is very much the season for music here!





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Posted by laverty88 - 6 years ago

Hi Grant.


Sorry it's taken me so long to respond! I have noticed your message from October 2012 there, apologies. I have been living in Nice since April last year, I am really liking it but finding work has been the hardest part. How have you found life here since you moved? Been near Sophia and Vileloubet a few times, beautiful part of the world!

Hope to hear from you and sorry once again!




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Posted by grant.robertson - 7 years ago


My name is Grant and I was born in Dundee then moved to Inverness.i've been living in the south of France since 2000.I'm living in the north of Nice and know the town quite well.I'm working in Sophia Antipolis which is the "Siicone Valley" of the South of France.

Feel free to contact me with all your questions and I'll get back with trhe answers