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Seagull nuisance

Posted by Jayne-190005 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by ladygrey12 - 6 years ago

Having spoken to many people about this NOISE nuisance, and most agree that the seagulls are a

huge annoying problem.

They are here all the time screeching. Mosquitoes on the other hand are not all year round, and also they are getting less each year due to some control in-put by authorities, maybe they will consider seagulls in their next budget.

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Posted by GreenLeaf-314739 - 6 years ago

Aren't seagulls normally attracted by garbage??? They do come inland if there is stormy weather out to sea.

As for the mosquitos, it was a weird fall/winter as we had a warm spell and rain, in which the eggs that where meaning to hatch in the spring got an early start, then a freeze happened, killing them before they were able to prepare for the spring. Add to that the snow everybody had and the windy days (they do not like wind), but they are still here and will always be until the maries or council general do a major spraying or until people start dying from the disease(s) they carry.

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Posted by VTT - 6 years ago

On the other hand...

Has anyone noticed that there are almost no mosquitos this year? Last year was a horror. This year - almost nothing at all. I haven't seen one of those damn tigre mosquitos since last fall. I am lovin' it. I'll take loud seagulls over nasty mosquitos anyday. At least the seagulls don't bite you and take blood and leave a three day itch.

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Posted by ladygrey12 - 6 years ago

I thoroughly agree with you. It is not to do with global warming or anything like that. You should stay at the coastal villages in Cornwall, its a nightmare, and even further in land. It is the fault of humans, if there's easy food available then I don't blame the birds.

There's no need of this happening, they always go back to the nesting site, also authorities should consider the welfare of people. The crying of seagulls is enough to drive anyone potty. A noise nuisance, very early in morning and through out the day.

I have often thought a way of controlling the huge numbers ( and they will increase) inland, is to feed the gulls with anti-fertility pills, that would do the trick.