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Second Hand clothing stores

Posted by leslie-179832 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by Daisydoll-202178 - 14 years ago

There are several Depot-Vente on Rue Blacas in Nice... one of the shops called Andreas has younger funky stuff and shoes and handbags (there are two with that name very near each other). Have you tried Le Dressing in Monaco? Again, if you look they have great shoes, handbags and clothes, along with the other designer names which you probably aren't looking for. Happy shopping!Daisy

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Posted by mamas-200107 - 14 years ago

Steff and Sandy in Marechal Reille in Antibes sale and buy second hand clothesmamas

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Posted by shazza-193491 - 14 years ago

I have a bag full of boys winter clothes for sale, all from Gap, Next and Marks and Spencers. I love the funky stuff.

If you are interested or know of someone please call me


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Posted by Jeanna-204315 - 15 years ago


Hi Leslie,

  Got lots of stuff, so give me a call.   Karen  04 939 946 54



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Posted by Cabbie-182008 - 17 years ago

I'm not sure where the one in Nice is that Janne referred to, but I've seen a couple in the old town. I think there's one on rue de la Prefecture and also one somewhere near where the Blue Whales bar is (sorry I can't be more specific, I only went in there once and was in a rush).

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Posted by Nicola Mell - 17 years ago

Hi LeslieWhat an fantastic idea you have, setting up a business - I have been thinking like you for a long long time, I see shop like these funky vintage shops on TV, and I visited one in New York it was fantastic and apparently they sometimes get clothing from there for Sex and the City (Programme).Email me if you want to chat more. I'm a genuine person with great ideas.Speak to you soon Luv NicLuv Nic

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Posted by jbj-184972 - 17 years ago

hello leslie - Oxfam can be found by writing to them at their HQ in UK e.g.

Oxfam, Oxford, England.  they do have an operation in Germany so why not in France? However, I know that the British Association and such organisations are open to considerations of donations and do fundraise by selling donated items, keep the quest alive....the hunt for great clothes for a good cause.., p.s. does anyone know where to find great clothes in larger sizes ? they do exist ? ttfn


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Posted by yjme-181229 - 17 years ago


I think you'll find that Oxfam is trying to make money for charity - if they opened up in France and paid all the social charges and rent and whatnot in Cannes, even if they had higher prices, I don't think they'd actually have any money left! :-)

But it would be fab, no doubt about it.


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Posted by leslie-179832 - 17 years ago

Funny, I was just saying that the other day to my husband. Is there any way we can contact them and tell them to open one up in Cannes or Antibes?

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Posted by jbj-184972 - 17 years ago

Second Hand Clothes (depot Vente)  - have you tried DepoSteph 3 av. du grand cavalier, le rond pont, antibes, 0493 34 90 32 - may not be to your taste but sometimes has some interesting and unusual things.  Check for damage and fading and negotiate price. she sells all sorts and sizes. - SoF not like London for nearly new clothes though is it? - keep the suggestions coming. wouldn't it be great to have an Oxfam shop in town ?bridgej