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Security Alarms

Posted by wasp-187098 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by wasp-187098 - 16 years ago

I"ve just come back from the Uk and have been looking at alarms in the Uk shops, and the one from YALE looks just like you can get in France, but the equivalent one in France is 12oo euro, and the one in the UK is 200 pounds, so some one is making lots of money don't you think ?

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Posted by susiepodd - 16 years ago

I am 11,000 euros worse off having been burgled in May this year with a property I rented in Valbonne.  The security company was local but unfortunately the alarm malfunctioned that day!.  The gardener told me afterwards that the villa had been robbed 7 times to his knowledge.  I reckon the best bet is to bring in a UK security company.

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Posted by wasp-187098 - 16 years ago

I am more interested in if anyone uses these companies that fit a system and also offer a 24 hours call-out which is telephoned into their central office and have roaming cars with security personel. If I am in the UK and look at security systems in a DIY shop then the choice is very limited, but here in France they have racks of secure locks, different video monitoring systems and also many different alarms ranging from the basic 100 euro single sensor system right up to the 1500 euro system, and these are meant for self fitting as well. Says a lot about the crime rate here on the CdA when so many shelves in the shops are filled with security items.

I have a house with garden and am interested in prevention than just an alarm bell ringing once they are inside the house, its a bit late then in my mind. Anyone got any stories that they want to share with others like what system might work better over another ?


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Posted by Filip-189436 - 16 years ago

It can be a complex subject. It depends on what you are trying to protect, either an apartment, villa, bureau and of course your own capabilities to install and commision such a system. Many companies claim to be experts in alarm packages, but be careful, often very expensive and badly installed with almost zero after service. Not too wise to give much info away on a web site but happy to advise you via e-mail.rgds,Filip