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Selling property without an agency

Posted by mpetrarm - Created: 12 years ago
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Posted by trae1107 - 12 years ago

Having done the legal work for a sale - I can only say, good luck. It is most definitely NOT a simple question of contacting a notaire. And yes, you do have to do the termites, the asbestos, the CO² report - and then chase, chase and chase the notaires. It's very time consuming, as it doesn't seem to necessarily go smoothly. Let's just say, that after the sale I was involved in finally completed, I decided that the Agent's deserved their 6% fee!

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Posted by mpetrarm - 12 years ago

Thansk for the suggestions.French is not a problem.My question was more about the paperwork that needs to be done. Like the precontract, the tests for termites, lead, etc...

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Posted by hatiha-208258 - 12 years ago

it only takes ONE person who likes your property! you can put a free ad on this forum, as well as on www.vivastreet.fr and/or vivastreet.uk.

good luck.

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Posted by patbun-198410 - 12 years ago

If you speak French, just put an advert in the papers....Nice-Matin locally, 'De particulier à particulier' etc....

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Posted by Vera-Lill - 12 years ago

It is difficult to sell without an agency unless you are French and living in the property. British friends of mine tried but all they got were agencies contacting them. They still have not sold the property even with an agency and it has been 5 months now with only one viewing. Nothing wrong with the property either, it is only 2 years old and top floor with wonderful sea views and parking etc. They are asking the price they paid for it. So one would assume it would be snapped up, sadly not.

They tried advertising it on various sites all without success, you need to be able to speak French fluently and possibly Italian because with the rate of exchange rapidly dropping beneath 1.30 to the £1 at the moment British people are unlikely to buy right now. The exchange rate was 1.48 only 10 weeks or so ago. This is a dreadful time for the British to buy.

Additionally you need to be there to show people around. once you have a buyer though it is very easy, just contact a notary and that is it, it's that easy. Much easier than selling in the UK.

An immobilier once said to me buying is easy, selling is difficult-how right she is.