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sending a fax from your PC

Posted by The Critic - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by The Critic - 16 years ago

thanks again most helpfull

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Posted by OK-186520 - 16 years ago

You dont need to advise France telecom, the Fax Modem will work straight away when connected to your phone line (just like your phone and adsl work at the same time).

If you have the need to receive faxes you can give out your land line as a fax number as well!

You can also set up your computer to answer the phone for you when it rings and receive the fax automatically.

The V3 program can also act as a voice answering machine if you wish, although you will then need a voice/fax/data modem (as opposed to just fax/data) which of course will be a little more expensive.

In both cases you will need to leave the computer switched on all the time (or say, during business hours) otherwise the phone will just ring as normal and not be answered.

The V3 program is the best i have found for free, with a nice interface and more features than will probaly need. We started using it as we were having to much trouble with standard fax program that came with XP.

If you need any more info just let us know. :)

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Posted by The Critic - 16 years ago

I tried a free service at http://www.tpc.int/sendfax.html but to no avail I kept getting email replies saying access is denied to hotmail account holders, so I tried from my isp email account and that did'nt work either. I feel like a plonker after sending personal information to someone I don't know but serves me right for being a cheap skate.

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Posted by The Critic - 16 years ago

Thanks for your help guy's I'll go out today and buy a fax modem, but if I buy a fax modem do I have to get on to my telephone company to notify them or will it work straight away if I connect it to my line.

Thanks again

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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 16 years ago

Unless it's confidential, email it to me as a Word .doc and I'll fax it for you.

Otherwise it's advisable to buy any old cheap modem to attach to your 2nd line off the ADSL for faxing. I use a Creative Blaster which comes with Quicklink, it's fine. It should only cost about E40 or so in the supermarket, and provides a useful backup for web access when (inevitably) the ADSL goes down and you need to email support!!


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Posted by OK-186520 - 16 years ago

If you do not have a fax modem, you cant send a 'traditional' style fax. If you do have a fax modem, you still need a fax program on your computer. We use V3CallCenter which is available free from www.V3fax.com

You can also send a fax via the internet, which means that you essentially send an email, which the online service then converts to fax and sends to the landline.

There are many of these services available online. Most of the good ones you have to pay for, including some which will actually give you a 'fax number' (any faxes received will be emailed on to you).

The free services tend to rely on a 'club' type arrangement a bit like ham radio. Although they are meant to be secure Im not sure I would be comfortable with that for personal or financial data.

Last but not least, a fax modem for your computer is not that expensive and soon pays for itself compared to faxing from an ineternet cafe or such like.

hope this helps :)