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Setting up a "cabinet"

Posted by Chatterbox-190278 - Created: 14 years ago
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I want to set up a cabinet/office where I will be working with clients on the premises. I have several options and am unsure of the implications:

1) to work from home

2) to buy a studio or small flat with the intention of it being business premises rather than for residential

3) to rent a studio or flat as in 2)

4) to buy the "bail" on a local property/ shop which is currently available

Does anyone know of legal, logical or ethical reasons against any of these options?

It has been pointed out that if I took on the "bail" that this would be paying for a commercial property that I don't in fact need - comments please.

I'd also welcome any general advice from others who have set up a consultancy type service - pitfalls, billing, tax regimes, social charges etc, unexpected problems, dealing with URRSAFF etc.

Thanks in advance


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